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Friday, May 1, 2009


One thing I love and appreciate with my whole heart,
Is when my people reach out and check on a sister,
And one thing that seems to make 'em reach out is when they don't hear from me,
On my blogs....
I looooooooooooooooove that,
It speaks of love...
I am cool,
But sometimes I get like that...
Go underground,
Get quiet,
Don't say much,
Barely answer the phone,
Just take it all the way easy,
That is how I re-process,
Rejuvenate my soul,
I pray fervently,
Eat healthy,
Read a lot,
Stay close to home and my man,
I also completed my seventh novel,
And eight book in a bit over three years,
MRS. BLACK? will be available sometime this summer,
My pre-readers are raving about it,
Telling me it lends closure to the love triangle...
They might be on to something...
So, don't worry,
Mother is fine,
Just doing that thing,
She sometimes does,
Being a temperamental, mercurial, sometimes slightly diva-ish, Write or Die Chick...
But it is all to the goodness....




JC Martin said...

We miss you when you're gone, but love you more when you come back. I think some of your regular readers (of your blog) knows when you go into hiding (for lack of a better word) and we understand. Or at least I understand because I get that way also. I don't always want to hear people talk or even my own voice. I stay in silence and listen to God speaking to me. There is nothing more precious.

Love ya and stay well.
BTW: I'm happy that you're going to put out Mrs. Black; we do need closure.

shelia said...

Angelia, I definately understand the need to go underground and regroup or do whatever you have to do. Glad you're back though :)

Angelia... said...

Sweet Jen,
I love U and that is all I have to say about that...U are always there for me...

Sister Shelia,
I am coming back in baby steps and I read your poem...Girl, love looks good on YA...

Blessings and Love,

'Cilla said...

I have been off loop for a while... not in the crazed sense. LOL... But I am always glad to check out your blogs... sometimes late.. but i am always here... :-)