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Friday, September 18, 2009


Whenever someone does not agree with me or buy into my program,
I DO NOT assume they are HATING...
And it really fascinates me how many people do,
It seems that as soon as something does not go the way someone wishes,
Or heaven forbid someone disagree with another,
It has to be hate...
Too funny,
Because the reality is that we are all out here trying to do something, get somewhere and handle our business...and I am guessing, hoping, praying,
That the majority of us are not wasting valuable time HATIN' on people,
There is so much to do,
So many ways to do it,
And one thing I know for sure,
If God can bless a nut like me,
Then there are BLESSINGS,
IN ABUNDANCE to go around,
So, the next time you think someone is hating on you,
Ask yourself this,
'What is it that I have that is so much more, or so much better that it will cause legions of people to lay awake all night churning and burning and thinking about how much I got...'
Sounds kind of goofy does it not...
I am not saying that there are not petty jealousies and folks who are consumed with others,
What I am saying is that everytime,
It is probably just differences and diversity....





Linda Moses said...

I am in concurrence with the statement, “it is not always hate”. We all are creative by nature and intrinsically seek to create. Most times, it is the competitive part of us that have the tendency to look over at another’s’ art and make comments or place judgment on it. There is so much in the world to create and appreciate until it is a sin to be jealous and a hindrance to a person’s own work of art.

Angelia... said...

Sister Linda,
you said a mouthful...and I concur...

Be Blessed!

Dera Williams said...

Yes, I agree. Well said.