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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Love is a word that is bandied about and as the old people used to say,
Covers a multitude of sins,
I am not one to fall in love easily,
I am not all over a person, telling how much I love them,
Within minutes of meeting them,
Even as a teenaged girl, I didn’t fall gaa gaa,
Over nobody, just weird I guess,
But when I fell in love,
You best believe I was in love,
From the top of my curly head,
Down to my red toenails,
Ain’t nothing changed, when I loves you I loves you,
And you can consider yourself love,
I thank God that I have been so fortunate,
As to never be in love with a man that was not even,
Trying to love me,
I have seen that time and again,
Especially with my young sisters,
They are so in love,
It don’t matter if the man tells them he doesn’t love,
Or if he has six women and twelve babies,
And please don’t let him be foine and be able to dribble a ball,
And spit a few verses,
Lord, have mercy on us all,
Everyday I pray fervently for these young sisters,
Asking for guidance for them and for them to channel their energies,
Into being spiritual, smart and open to GOOD LOVE,
When it presents itself,
And to stop looking at that small basket of men,
That everybody is checking for,
It is already such, in the African-American community,
That women great out number men,
And take my word for it,
If a young brother has got it going on like that,
They are at him in droves,
And please, please, please if he is married,
Or committed to another woman,
Don’t sit on the fence waiting and hoping your turn will come,
Cause, you know what,
There is a good chance if something happens to the relationship he is in,
He just might choose someone else,
And there you are sitting on the fence like a scarecrow,
I am not trying to be harsh,
But real and protect your hearts,
Because there is love out there,
And relationships out there,
So be dignified,
Don’t give away your goodies,
To someone who is undeserving or otherwise,
Realize that you are worth more than your weight in Gold,
And that wishing on a dream,
Especially when your dreams have the potential to hurt others,
Can turn into a nightmare,
And loneliness….




shelia said...

I love my Black men and they will always be my first option but there are men of other races so we have other options.

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
there are options, there are an abundance of sisters, but that does not stop brothers from making other choices...we are also going to have to make sure that it isnt just about money and job titles either...for real!


S.D. Denny said...

This is real talk, Angelia...tough love...and just what the Dr ordered. I have noticed that my young nieces tend to be drawn to the worst of the young all matted and pants sagging with a grill in his mouth and I'm standing there thinking "nowadays these young guys don't even have to earn a young woman's attention." I talk to them constantly about choices and men and I try to live my life as an example for them so they see that life can be good if you wait! Excellent post...

Angelia... said...

Thanks S.D.
my goal in LIFE is to wake these girls up, my dream is to open a small place for young women to come for love, tough and soft and will happen!


JC Martin said...

I just wrote on this very subject in my WIP. Sometimes we lose sight of what we already know, and if a man is unavailable then no matter how long we wait they will never be available in the way we are hoping for. The best thing is to pray for the partner, husband, S.O. that God has in store for us.

I don't use the word love lightly. Never have never will. My heart has been broken more times than I want to remember so it's best for me to be the way that I am. I keep it real.

I have a younger sister and an almost teenage daughter that I hope will take heed to the things that I tell them. It takes more than a fine man, great smile, and empty promises to be in love.

Angelia... said...

Sweet Jen,
you betta say it, and say it again...we need to relay this message over and over again...for real!


Dera Williams said...

Like Teddy said, " I want a 50/50 love."