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Friday, August 28, 2009


My man and I returned yesterday from a wonderful time in the Carribbean,
Time alone and doing what we wanted, when we wanted,
However, I must confess, I wanted to check in at home...
I had left my blackberry home and my man had taken his Iphone,
But only for emergencies...
There were a couple of times that I wanted him to check,
But he refused every time,
And I am grateful...
So grateful,
Because if there is one thing,
I have to learn is this,
I have to accept the reality,
That there is not a darn thing, I can do about anything,
Or about anyone,
Other than work on myself,
I can pray for others,
I can donate in the time of need,
I can love on 'em,
And be there for them,
But the reality is that until a person or persons is ready to be,
Which means accepting that it is not about them at all,
But about God's work in them and throuht them,
I will have to accept their decisions,
And allow them to go through,
Until they get it...
It is so hard, but I am ready for it,
Well mostly,
Thanks to God,
I have a man who loves me enough,
To call me out when I need it,
And to remind me that as I often say,
'To sprinkle them with love and prayer, like holy water,
And allow God to work'...




S.D. Denny said...

Love the pic...thanks for sharing! You're so right...we can love them, but we cannot live for them...and we surely can't do anything for them all the way in the you took the time to getaway and enjoy yourself in such a beautiful place!

Angelia... said...

thanks S.D.,
your sistah thinks she can do it all, I am a fixer, always have been and that is a weakness, cause in fixing things, it leaves me tired and them with not enough to do but I am a late bloomer in so many ways, but once the rose is in full bloom, well look out now....


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Amen!!! You two look so cute! -C

Angelia... said...

Thanks Carole,


'Cilla said...

Hey Angelia... glad you enjoyed your time and Hubby refused to let you check in.. if there were a problem, you would have worried yourself .. sometimes you just have to let it go and enjoy.. :-)

Angelia... said...

THANKS 'Cilla,

I thank GOD for him...

Be Blessed!

pittershawn said...

Glad you let go and enjoyed your vacation.