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Friday, August 14, 2009


There is something so sad and almost pitiful about people who have given up,
Gotten out of the game,
Like the very smart, extremely talented young man who has made a series of poor decisions,
And instead of restructuring,
He feels sorry for himself and spends years doing nothing,
And is mad at the world for his own defeats,
Not realizing that it is in him through God's Grace,
To get up any day and start anew,
But unwilling to crawl before he walks,
Because he thinks he is too good for that,
When he has nothing....Settling...
Or the woman who thinks that it is all about a man,
And if she can't get that man,
She doesn't want anything,
Or she decides she will take anything,
She can get,
Then wakes up one day realizing that years have passed by,
And she looks as old as she feels because of,
God provides all of us with unique sets of talents,
And it is up to us to make the best of what we have,
WE must focus on being that best that GOD has made,
Not comparing ourselves to others,
Or bemoaning anyone else's blesses,
God Blesses us with that which he thinks we can handle,
And it is entirely up to us, with HIS permission,
To make the best of it,
Or we can feel sorry for ourselves,
And waste precious hours, days, weeks, months, years,
And then waking up one day or not waking up and wondering where,
All the time went...
Dont settle...


MRS. BLACK? September 11, 2009


JC Martin said...

Words I preach to my children and remind myself of all the time. I even just used those words on my younger sister. I don't settle for mediocre grades, in a relationship, in how big I can dream and/or how far I can go.

Settling is for quitters. When you quit you give up your right to decide, hence settling on whatever is given to you.

Angelia... said...

Sweet Jen,
Say it my young sister, say it...


Dera Williams said...

Yes, settling can be a struggle when low self-image sets in and you think you have to accept what is others give you. Good words.

Stefanie Worth said...

I think it sometimes takes the wisdom of years to see places you settled and you didn't think you were. Times you quit, thinking such-and-such wasn't meant to be, but now you know it was just a few steps away.

My father's mantra was "A Worth Never Quits." No one's road is paved with all-perfect choices, but my brothers and I have held true to dad's belief and are each living out our passions as a result. Your words are so true.


This warrior woman has come
fully alive today,
She is no longer anyone's slave or prey,
She is taking back her life today,
And those who know who she truly is,
can stay.
No longer will she live the lives of others,
She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others
where it belongs,
For she also has the bear and wolf inside her,
which is now so very powerful
and uniquely strong.

The warrior woman now knows what road she must follow,
For others it will be to hard to swallow.
Her life was taken from her unknowingly many years ago,
And this warrior woman is taking back her life before the next winds blow.

Oh Sister you give me the strength
as a warrior woman to conquer what's on my path,
high above and way beneath,
and the much needed strength to take on the wrath.

This warrior woman is fully awakened and is taking a stand,
taking the problems by the horns with my hand.
I will conquer all that is there,
all and who comes as they dare.

Warrior woman has fully awoken,
and many will see that they were mistaken
in robbing her of her life.
They as a thief, Warrior woman will conquer
and have no grief!

This warrior woman will protect her people, her son,
and those who need her.
If anyone hurts them, look out!
They will hear a GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR,
As they run and shout!

This warrior woman is taking back her life,
taking back the respect that was taken from her
throughout the years ever so slow.
This warrior woman is removing pain and hurt from within the heart
caused by the knife,
from all those who are both family and foe.

I am claiming what's mine, and my dignity,
From those who live in this society of vanity.
I am claiming back in full my heritage.
And as a warrior woman, I am going to clean up
many years of carnage.

For now standing in front of you,
you see this warrior woman... you see me.
Someone special has taught me to be free,
From this day forward for me no more slavery...
Gentleness, kindness, and love is part of me, and so is my dignity.
This is NOT WEAKNESS, as others believe.
But this strength is within me and within you.

I will listen to the spirits and grow,
I will travel in the whispering winds as they blow.
All the work I now do will be for Our People and all nations,
I will protect and guide the future generations.

Now it is time for me to travel on my new path,
As a warrior woman conquering all wrath.
If you ever see and want to meet me,
Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free.


Angelia... said...

Thanks Stefanie!

Thanks Rev ISpeakhiswords, you rock!


'Cilla said...

It took me a lot of years to learn this lesson... might I say that it was learned hard. I grew up listening to others tell me how I was not good enough or pretty enough and I settled for everything they said... I am so glad that I have learned otherwise and I hope I am installing the same wisdom in my man-child... :-) Great post Angelia