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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I crawled out of bed this morning, tired,
As I sat on the side of the bed praying,
I always pray before I do anything….
I thanked God for the trials and the blessings,
And asked him to do his will,
Of course he did,
When I got to work,
I discovered my Blog had been nominated in the,
Best Writing category,
Then I opened up the song,
My son, music impresario, DeepDuval,
Had written for Mrs. Black?
Entitled, Mrs. Black (What Happens),
Oh my God,
What a blessing…
So grateful and to top it off,
In three hours I will be on vacation,
Until September 1, 2009,
Whoever thinks that God is not in the Blessing business,
Better ask somebody,
Hey ask Me!



S.D. Denny said...

Congratulations for the nomination! Wishing you a peacefully awesome vacation!

Angelia... said...

Thanks S.D.,
it has been a long hard week, but that is how God works...feeling my blessings and oh so grateful...


JC Martin said...

Congrats on the nomination. And definitely enjoy your vacation.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sweet Jen,
Love and Appreciation!


'Cilla said...

WOW.. but not surprised. you deserve the nomination. You are truely Blessed and I thank you for the Blessing you have given me:-) Enjoy your Vacation !!

Yasmin said...

Congrats and have fun on your vacation.

Dera Williams said...

Congratulations on the nomination and enjoy your vacation.