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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rambler's Ramble...

Again this morning I reflect on why I ramble...
I am home in the middle of the week, tired....
I have to say '07 has been a buuussssyyy year...
Three books since last October, crazy work year, volunteerism up and going up again...
So I asked myself again last night why do I ramble,
And all I could come up with is I enjoy it,
And I enjoy the comments and feedback I recieve from people,
Beyond that I can't think of a reason,
Yesterday, I recieved so many emails off-blog about the blog, "Emotional and Unprepared"
Most were so touching and heartfelt,
And that reinforced my desire to ramble,
There has been a time or two when I have considered not doing it,
It would be one of the easiest things to let go,
But the comments from people and especially the emails let me know,
That I am on to something here, the same way I am with other forms of being there...
I love it when people come by, if they leave a comment cool...
If not cool...
I have had so many people 'pimp' my blog when I didn't even know they read my blog,
They had never left a comment or an email...
I like that...and am thankful,
Gracias' to the people who have asked me to join their blogs based on simply reading,
What I know for sure is that I will not pen another novel for at least a year,
My young adult novel, 'Is No Not Clear Enough For You', will get all of me for at least a year,
I will continue my volunteerism, can't stop...
And I will ramble, a lot...

Love and Blessings,


Rich Fitzgerald said...

Stay the course's not always easy, but it is rewarding.

Thanks for checking out my excerpt. I have a project I'm wrapping up now that will be available soon and I'm working on a followup in addition to the nowvel. So maybe we can hook up for some dates in J'ville. I would love to meet you and write the trip off at the same time.

I still have some connections in the city so it could possibly be beneficial for the both of us. I will be sure and pick up a copy of your work real soon.

BTW, keep rambling, even the smallest of things can create the biggest of blessings.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Keep rambling and I'll keep reading... :-)


Jennifer C. said...

Mama Deep,

Remember when I first started reading your blog, I thought it was so weird that we both have the word "rambling" in our titles? Well I know why you do it because we need to.

I am happy for youe YA book but sad that it will be a while before I get another one of your awesome books in my hand. I guess it is because I have such a deep connection with your writings. But as long as you keep rambling I would have my fill of your writing until your next book.

We love you Angelia...but you know this already, right?

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Mega,
Jacksonville needs it's artists both born and transplanted...will love to sell books together...'


that all I need to know my sister...


Mama feels the love, all the time...

Mama Deep

Poetic Genesis said...

I love your ramblings...

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Genesis,

Love and Blessings,


Yasmin said...

Okay my previous comments (I tried twice) were eaten so I will just say two things:
CONGRATS on the YA novel!
Take Care of Yourself!


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Yas,


Anonymous said...

I love the ramblings and have to read them every day or my day just doesn't go right. I sometimes run into a situation that you have already addressed in your ramblings in the course of my my reaction is different, more positive than it would have been if you had not headed me off. LOL

I too, would like another book but I understand. I'll maybe just have to re-read Black's Trilogy again and I don't often re-read a book. LOL

Okay; I'll also be pushing the YA book to my young readers and the parents in my groups.

I understand....Mama is deep enough to know how to take care of herself. Smiles.

Be blessed today!


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Hey Queen Idrissa,
Yes Mama knows when to chill and I tell you five books in two years is more than a notion, now isnt that old school...I have a lot of short stories that I may clean up and put out...but I am going into chill mode, make you hungry for what's next, laughing...