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Monday, October 22, 2007

Stripped Down...

How often do we really look at ourselves...
Stripped Down...
Now I don't mean just in the literal sense,
Though we need to do that also,
But I mean look at who we are,
What we want,
What do we expect,
Because to truly accept ourselves,
We have to know ourselves.
Someone told me I was intimidating,
I asked why...
Is it because I am tall...(private joke)
They said, 'No because you are confident and really like yourself''
It didn't take me too long to figure that out,
A confident woman is a frightening thing,
Only because so many of us are scared to death of who we really are,
And spend so much time hiding behind superficial stuff,
We don't strip down and get naked with ourselves,
So we don't ever strip down and get naked with others,
It's like faking in bed,
No one is getting anything from that,
Least of all you...
So to become a confident, woman who likes herself,
We must see ourselves, butt naked, literally and figuratively...
I know my strengths, my weaknesses, how I look and how I feel,
What I want and what I will not allow,
When you meet me, greet me, that is what you will get,
There is absolutely no time to walk around in masks,
Playing games with people,
Trying to fool them into purchasing a package,
Filled with stuff they don't know,
And might return once they take the shiny paper off,
So strip down,
Get naked,
Look at yourself,
Accept and Love what you see and who you are,
Amazingly people who matter and who get it and want it,
Will line up in droves,
Those that don't,
Que Sera, Sera....



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Powerful words, sis. This is so true. It's the hardest but most necessary thing for us to do.


Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

It sure is hard, but oh so necessary...


Anonymous said...

Oh; I love this! And Gwyneth used the right term: POWERFUL!

It's hard to see yourself naked and even harder to stand naked to the world; the people you love and deal with daily but it gives you so much power.

I used to wonder why I was so imtimidating to some folk and then I realized it was the assurance that they saw in me...and feared to find in themselves.

Thanks for another powerful thought to walk with today, Sistah Deep...right about now I need some POWER!

Blessings to all of you today!


Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

Queen I,
the power is there, today you just have to dig a little deeper...

love and prayers,

JC Martin said...

People are intimidated by you...and they think I am mean, because I guard myself when first meeting new people. How does that work for me? Well it all depends if I ever show my nice side to them...the real me.

Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

people are those things because they assume they know until they get to, I can't tell you how many friends I have made had to reevaluate their opinions once they knew...but that is the beauty of life of those who take the time to kmow...


Shai said...

I am like JC. Folks make so many assumptions. Or they try to pull me out of my shell, either being nosey or too damn pushy.

Looking at the bareness of you beyond skin is hard.

Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

it sure is hard, largely because not looking means we dont have to do anything, sometimes it is easier to simply say, 'That is just how, or who I am'...wondering why nothing ever changes, which leaves us with the old 'You will always get what you always got, if you always do what you always did..."


Yasmin said...

A confident woman is a frightening thing,

yep yep...but when we strip ourselves down we can't shy away from who we are!

Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

that is exactly right, that is why we better make sure what crowd we want to get naked in front of, this is not about being naked for the masses, but for those who matter, mostly oneself...


Shelia said...

You learn so much when you take the time to look at your bare essence. Removing others perceptions; your own perceptions and getting to the core is important. Thanks for the food for thought.

GENESIS said...

So true!

People who never strip to the bare bones usually miss out on a very liberating experience...

They also miss out on meeting others like themselves...because they don't know who they are...for real

Great post!