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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Peeps!

These are my Peeps! Ora Lee's Offspring,
First is my baby boy, Malik, we call him Deep the Dictator,
Music and Language Impressario...
Next is my Baby Sis, Valaria,
Diva Personified,
Towering over everyone is Maurice, aka The Dean,
Spiritualist, burgeoning photographer,
And last but certainly not least, Charlandra, known to me as Chuck,
Ms. Political, apple of her auntie's eye,
Together with me we are family,
Mama' s legacy,
The fruit that she bore...
Just wanted to share a bit...

Have a Happy!



Gwyneth Bolton said...

You've got a beautiful family, sis! Thanks for sharing.:-) And just as I suspected when you shared the baby pictures, those handsome sons of yours can certainly grace the cover of a romance novel... mmm... hmmm...;-)


Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady Gwyneth,
they are cute, ain't they...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous! What a blessing. I can see the love on their faces, mama deep. Thanks for sharing. BTW is your son still blogging? I need his

Love you


JC Martin said...

You already know this, and have already heard this, but I'll still say it either family is beautiful and so are you.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Jen and G-Nice,

appreciation and love

mama deep

Anonymous said...

That is the word that comes to my mind when I look at that photo...BEAUTIFUL!

Family, love and the future. Those boys of yours are sooo fine! I'm in the market for a son-in-law in the very near future, ya know. LOL

Grace and Peace, my sister!


Angelia... said...

Queen I,
the youngest one already has a lady but my eldest would be perfect, when can we meet to hook 'em up...