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Thursday, March 13, 2008

That's What They Do!

These were my boys in 1986, the eldest, Maurice, who we now call The Dean and Malik, Deep the Dictator…

These days I chuckle when someone tells me their kids are working them…
I usually ask how old they are and they tell me 12, 13, 14, 15….
I say, well that is what they do at that age they work you,
They look me as though I’m crazy,
I say no honey, teenagers work you, that is their job,
My eldest has one of the finest minds I have ever encountered,
But from 13 until, well lately,
He was my classic underachiever,
He was too smart to be bothered with the small stuff,
He would do mediocre class work,
Because he knew he could ace the test,
So why bother, it’s the end result right?
I stayed on his case,
Finally discovering that the easiest way to deal with him was to ignore his foolishness,
He didn’t like that, straightened right up, needed attention…
I also knew he loved to draw, so I always nurtured that, he was never without parchment and charcoal pencils, and I allowed him to spew out all that intellectual babble,
Just told him to keep it respectful or I would shake him up, and I did…
Now my baby boy, kept his grades laser sharp, was involved academically and athletically,
But that boy loved him some ‘street life’ all things ‘street’ fascinated him,
Probably because he has one of the sweetest flows on the mike you have ever heard,
And can write lyrics and produce beats so tight…oooh wee!
Now him, I had to keep one arm lovingly draped around his shoulder,
With the other hand balled up in a fist to punch some sense into him when he would try me and try me he did and I did!
But I also allowed him to create his own record label ‘Drum-Addict Records’ at fourteen so he could expend that energy…
What I had to learn is to treat them like growing adults,
At the same time reminding them that I and their dad was in charge,
Also I had to be ever vigilant, keeping on my toes, monitoring behaviors and activities…
Parents can’t rest and must sleep with one eye open,
But at the same time we can enjoy their strangeness,
If we take the time to listen and get to know what they love,
And what they are good at…
They will amaze us with what they have to offer,
Keeping in mind that one day THEY WILL BE GROWN AND GONE!
So remember my motto, ‘Parenting is not for Punks!
And this to shall pass…

Angelia (Mama Deep)


Anonymous said...

*snappin' fingers*

I've got an adult in training at home now and she's true to form in doing what she's supposed to do at her age. Like your son, she loves all things street, drawing, rapping, but school... she could pass on that one. She'd rather be sleeping.

I pull out my trick bag quite often. You're right... this thing we've got goin' on here ain't for punks.

Thanks for sharing. I'm diggin the pics!


Divamami said...

Alot of parents don't do that, which is why we have teens that are out of control. More parents should be like you.

Angelia... said...

Thanks G-Nice,
you have to find what works for them and work it...ain't they too The Dean is 6'4" and Deep is 6' and skinny...

mama deep

they had better, if they want those kids to be able to compete and live whole lives...hmmm maybe it's time for me to do some classes...winking...


Don said...

He would do mediocre class work,
Because he knew he could ace the test,
So why bother, it’s the end result right?

Sounds like my junior high years. lol. I find the work to be more advanced in high school though.

Your youngest son sounds like he has a natural talent. A record label @ 14 years old? Yes, I would definitely say he has talent.

lol @ you having to keep one arm around him, and the other hand balled into a fist.

I feel you.

Angelia... said...

we have to do what we have to do, thanks for stopping by...


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Parenting is not for Punks!

Holla! That's why I don't have any kids. LOL. No seriously... I think if more people took your approach to parenting, we'd have a world full of better, productive, human beings. And I love that you talk about it as nuturing future adults. That's the perfect way to approach it. I'm going to keep Mama Deep's words of wisdom in mind if I'm ever blessed to nuture some future adults. And the pictures of the babies are just adorable. I bet I could use the grown-ups as models on my romance novels. LOL. Great post, sis!


Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady Gwyneth,
and they are handsome enough for covers...hmmmm...


Yasmin said...

My motto is kids are more than a notion...and husbands too!
LOL...had kids, got my next life...hmmm...if I knew what I know

Angelia... said...

you are too funny, I guess that's why we don't get advance notices...hmmm...


JC Martin said...

I tell you what when you find pictures that say"My mommy is sometimes nice and my mommy is sometimes mean, but I still love her because she my mommy," you know you doing a good job parenting.

You ain't never lied when you say this isn't for children would run them straight to the nut house, because sometimes if I don't stay focus I feel like my next outfit will have my prison number on my left chest pocket.

Angelia... said...

it's our hardest work, but the best work we will ever do if we do it properly...

blessings and smooches...