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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night, I watched CNNs Black in America,
And I had mixed feelings, nothing really new,
Because for those of us who stay abreast,
We already knew,
However, I did enjoy finding out about the young visionaries,
Such as Professor Fryar,
Controversial for sure,
But whatever works,
Moving on...
Many times I find myself feeling a bit disconnected from the larger AA,
Community, try as I might,
And God knows I try,
My life has taken me on so many wonderful paths,
With so many opportunities,
And experiences, sometimes it is difficult to stay really connected,
Many times it seems as though there is absolutely no frame of reference,
There are times when these feelings hit me, even amongst my family,
So what I try to do is to find some middle ground,
Something that is universally connective and focus on that,
That is also what drives me back to the 'hood' of things,
To try to reach the youngsters,
Because God knows that I could have taken a different path,
Been in a totally different place,
I am really RAMBLING, this morning,
With a simple need to SPEAK,
I have often been accused of trying too hard,
I 'on know if that is true or not,
But I simply feel I have to do something,
It reminds me of my ninth grade Geometry teacher, Ms. Clark,
She saw my petrified young face sitting in that sea of white eleventh graders,
So she kept her eye on me all year,
Helping me to stay on top of things,
I did,
And at the end of the year,
She wrote in my year book,
"Small things take you big Places..."
So that's what I try to do,
Small things,
Maybe it will help someone else go to big Places...



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Because God knows that I could have taken a different path,
Been in a totally different place,

I'm feeling you this morning on all of it, but most definitely on this part. That's why I admire what you do with young sisters because small things can take you big places and we never know what we can do that might be the difference between even one person moving on to bigger and better things or not.


Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady Gwyneth,
Each of us know upon honest reflection that if it weren't for the grace we would surely be elsewhere, doing something else and it is imperative that we give a little something, something...


JC Martin said...

Great blog! Your words here have created a million and one different thoughts in my head.

"Small things take you big Places..."

The six words in the line above hit me hard. I can't explain why, but it did. Plain bold truth.

Angelia... said...

that is exactly how they hit me, over thirty five years ago, she gave me a gift...not only that I feel that is what impacts our youth today, they want and they want it now, not realizing they have to put in work and handle their business to get what they need and want, there really is no free lunch or short path to success, it is baby steps and goals, peppered with lots of faith in one's own self!


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Hi Angelia:

I'm disconnected a bit too but I think so many things disconnect people and by the time one reaches a certain age -- as the french say-- it's almost mandatory. For mental health. For spiritual health.

Small things do lead to big places. And those big places can be very bad or very good. I keep telling my son that a one-night stand (a small thing) can lead to a lifetime of misery and check liens. A snide crack to someone in one's place of employment and bingo one has lost one's job. But a kind action can also lead to good things.

I don't think the grace of God is ever missing in the lives of other folks, though. I just don't. The question is: why do some folks miss the grace? why can't some folks recognize it? Why couldn't some folks meet that grace with faith? Why were we so aware enough to see that grace? It is very upsetting to see how whole lives can be messed up on such small things (whether caused by others or the victims themselves.)

Small things do separate us from others, though. Poverty, wealth, health, children, death, depression, sick children. Good things and bad things separate. I don't know if it's only race. But sometimes because of sad things in one's life the veneer of normal life flakes away and one is left really having to be as real as possible. And some stuff just has to go. And some people. And some neighborhoods too.

I haven't been watching Black in America. After hearing about Medical Apartheid I just wasn't in the mood to deal with racism in America. -C

Angelia... said...

My sister you alway bring it and I love you for it, there are so many things, and many people didn't watch for the same reasons as you, I wavered back and forth and felt compelled somehow to see what was up. I think Soledad O'Brien held herself back a bit in trying not to be too sensationalistic, I also think she tried to show a broad cast of characters...I am cluesless as to what impact this will have on viewers, particularly not AA ones...and you are right about small steps taking us to or fro! And I have often pondered what makes one accept the grace and another not, particularly within families...


Rhonda McKnight said...
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Rhonda McKnight said...

I agree with you about feeling disconnected. I think the only thing that keeps me there is the fact that I work for a human services agency, but even with that, I'm at a level that has completely removed me from client services. I appreciate all that God has blessed me with, being one of those in the middle class with a beautiful home and health insurance which I never considered to be luxuries until last night, but I pray for my people, we so badly need it. I was disappointed in the series, it just ran in little vinettes and I didn't get he point of some it. It probably needed to be done over 5 nights with a foucs on one topic each night rather than cramming several together. I don't know if I'll finish watching tonight. I'm like Carole, don't want to really see the racism that black men are encountering. It'll just make me cry. Maybe I'll spend the time praying for the futures of my two sons.

Angelia... said...

My sister, it is always a struggle, I am struggling with tonight as well, I have two grown sons who are doing well, but I see the statistics around me, I am wavering, however...thanks for coming by and commenting!


CaroleMcDonnell said...

I just love your posts, Angelia. Always very honest and real.

Yes, Soledad does seem to be holding herself back. But I suspect that is what is required when one is kinda working for the white media. As Emily Dickinson said, "Tell the truth, but tell it slant." There's just so much one person can do....and keep her integrity and her job at the same time. -C

Angelia... said...

Thanks Carole!

I totally feel Soledad's pain, you can't fully serve two masters...