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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unprecedented Times!

We are truly living in uprecedented times,
I remember at the beginning of the calender year, I blogged about,
08 meaning change biblically,
Well I didn't have a clue how true that all was....
I have seen some happenings I never thought I would see,
I am not ashamed to say that I never thought I would see a Black Man,
As the presidential nominee in my life,
Keeping Hope Alive, aside, it just didn't seem it would happen,
Couldn't even fathom who it would be, but here we are,
Surely did not expect to see a female candidate for Vice President,
At the same time, well now,
There are so many other things I never expected to see,
Young people wilding in the streets, shooting folks as though,
It is just no thing,
On the news the other night, two young men, went into a 90 year old,
Woman's home, beat her so badly they broke her neck,
And a while later, they were filmed at Walmart, after having used the card,
Eating a bag of chips and laughing it up with a young woman,
I know that is not what was meant by 'All that and a bag of chips'...
Unprecedented, at least in my eternal optimism,
However, for me, personally, it has truly been a year of change,
The beginning of the year found me nuttier, than the proverbial fruitcake,
Trying to be all things, do all things and handle all things,
I know you hear the strings, of Alicia Keyes, "Superwoman" there,
But as will always happen,
God, said, 'Hold up wait a minute..."
And brought me to the place where I had to get on my knees and look up,
Confessing, that not only can't I do everything, I am not supposed to,
Ms. Is NO not Clear Enough For You, had to learn to say no and mean it,
Because as she told the world, saying no to others is saying, 'Yes to me...'
Well, now, talk about unprecedented,
But we get there when it's time...
And as I know for sure,
It Is All Good...




Jennifer C. said...


Yes to yourself...

from your mouth, my mouth to God's ears.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Hey Jen,
we learn, when we learn!

Love You!

Lena said...

Saying yes to me...I like that. By the way, don't forget about Geraldine Ferraro, she was a V.P. pick...

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

how did I forget Ms. Ferraro,


Yasmin said...

Right on line...we must be on the same brainwave...I just told Rick this morning...Saying No Means Saying Yes To Me/Him/US!

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Sister Yas,
we had all betta get on that wavelength....



'Cilla said...

I am with Yasmin.. usually when I say NO.. I only hear it in my head not the intended person and I go along with the program, kicking and screaming... However, 2008 I have heard myself say NO out loud to the intended and I have stood my ground... I like it...who said you could not teach an YOung woman new tricks :-)

Great Food for Thought Angelia