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Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Fiction?

An interesting question that I am often asked is, ‘Why Fiction?’…
Particularly with my YA title, ‘Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?,
And by those who know of my work as a mentor,
My first answer is why not?
But, actually, I understand, then, I explain,
It is pretty simple really,
I could have written a non-fiction book, ‘telling’ young ladies,
What not to do, how not to do it and many would have read it,
However, not as many and I would not have had the comments or rapport I had with them, simply because we are in a ‘Show Me’ world,
And that is what my goal was, to show how young people could and would act in different situations and different environments,
Malaaka, though the child of a single parent was raised with love, attention and respect,
As such she was pretty clear-headed about what she wanted, knowing she would be supported and chastised when wrong,
On the other hand her friend, Kimlyn, was given all money could by,
But no one ever supported or chastised her, ever, so she did what many young people do,
She discovered the negative attention, beat the heck out of no attention,
So she looked for that attention in all the wrong places,
By fictionalizing the truth, I was able, or so they say,
To make them think, laugh, cry, learn, feel...
My only goal!



JC Martin said...

Show mw don't tell me, because most likely I won't listen.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

There are many ways to get a message across and like many great black women writers, you can bring it in fiction and nonfiction. That's a plus in my book, a talent. Not everyone can put a message in fiction without it sounding forced and unnatural. I say use whatever medium that moves you and do your thing.

Angelia... said...

See, Jen, that's what I meant...

Thanks, Lady G.,
I am touched...


shelia said...

I'm glad you chose fiction but I'm sure whether it was fiction or non-fiction, you would have been able to get your message across. Sometimes showing folks come across better and doing it in a fictional world gives you room to do things.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Shelia,
when I follow my heart and my gut, life is good!


Angelia... said...

Thanks Shelia,
when I follow my heart and my gut, life is good!


'Cilla said...

I realized that if you tell a teen it's fiction, they tend to believe it more than if you tell them it's true (does that make sense)

Great Teaching Lesson!!


Angelia... said...

it makes absolute sense, don't you remember how we were...