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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Decisional Changes...

I hear folks say all the time, she is just like that, or I am just like that,
And it is true, we are who we are, but this is also true, we can make a decision,
To do things differently, anytime we want to, honest…
The trick to the thing, is we really have to want to be and do different,
I remember the first time I knew this, I was all of thirteen,
I remember that as being one of my toughest years,
My young self had developed this amazingly grown body,
Attention was coming my way that didn’t feel right, and I had grown an armor to deal with it, also, my home life was a topsy and turvy, didn’t feel for the first time I could
Depend on the adults in my life, it was scary,
So what I did, was become tough on the outside, putting on a veneer of not caring,
And it worked, so well…
One day sitting in language arts, Mrs. Miller wrote on the chalkboard,
‘What is an HB with a BA’, many tried to figure it out and couldn’t, I wasn’t sure,
But I knew I didn’t like how it sounded, finally she told us, it was,
A human being with a bad attitude, I felt that down in my bones, I knew she meant me,
I didn’t want to care, but I did, my grades were awesome, I even helped other students,
But my personal pain, led me to sarcasm and disregard for the feelings of others,
There were so many things I couldn’t control, but I could control how people came at me or so I thought. So I hung around and asked her if she meant me,
Looking straight at me with her hazel eyes and beautiful brown face,
She said, ‘Yes, many of us have noticed a change in you this year and we are worried…”
I know she wanted me to talk about, but, I couldn’t, too loyal to too many people,
What I did though as I walked home is made a decision to not allow my mess to affect others, every morning I got up, I chose to have a better attitude, because even at the tender age of thirteen, I knew those folks I was cutting to shreds with my laser sharp tongue, had done nothing to me,
And I was so grateful that my teacher valued me enough to tell me about myself,
Now, I am not going to front and say, there were not days when someone caught me wrong, I didn’t wreak havoc, oh, yes I did,
But every day, I made an effort and mostly I succeeded,
I also discovered that when I acted better, I felt better,
Now, almost forty years later, it still works, when I am feeling messy,
I pray and quickly brush that dirt off my shoulders,
No one around me deserves that and neither do it…




Shelia said...

That saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks--well it's a lie. A person, no matter how old they are can change, if they want to. The only thing that's keeping them from not changing is -- the effort.

Angelia... said...

you know it's true...excuses...change is choice!


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Yes, sis! As a former black girl who could have been--and probably was--described as a HBBA, all I can say is yes. When I see younger sisters today giving off all that attitude like it's a badge of honor, I know where it's coming from and I know they're probably trying to shield themselves from this world that would just as soon eat them and spit them out. But the older and a little wiser me knows there are other ways of being and other ways of surviving... This is a keeper, sis! I'll have to print this out and share it with all my young sistas with attitude. Thanks!


Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady G,
I guess I should add this to Angelia Rambles Volume I...


'Cilla said...

I alwys tell Man-child that the choice you make decide your next step... so choice intelligently