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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today was a day for reflecting and when I reflect I think of my women,
My mama, my godmother, my aunt Elouise,
Women who taught a message of respect,
They were strong disciplinarians all,
But something I loved, love and respect them for is they were,
Dignity builders,
They didn't make a kid feel bad, ashamed, slap them in their faces...
They magnified what we had,
Steered us correct when we were off key,
As such I have tried to live my life, respecting others,
I can't remember ever cussing any out, well my man would beg to differ, but that is something,
Altogether different,
When trouble start, I depart and usually the only time I give my opinion,
Unless I am Rambling, here, someone had to ask for it,
My kids thank me all the time for loving them fully, sternly but not disrespecting them,
And that is one expectation that I have from all the people I deal with,
And I know we aren't supposed to expect anything,
But I tell you truly, the day you disrespect me,
Is the day I move something, go to a place where I can respect and be respected,
I have done and gone through many things in my life,
But the one thing I will not cosign on is anyone feeling they can come at me any way,
They want to, I am a grown woman who respects folk and will accept no less,



JC Martin said...

I respect you and I damned the respect I deserve and give out.

I am feeling you on this tonight.

I love ya Mama Deep.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sweetie,


Genesis said...

Say it again!


Angelia... said...

it has been said,,,again...

Love Ya!

Yasmin said...

I apologize.

Angelia... said...


nothing but love!