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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tough Loving!

I had a completely different topic this morning, but it will have to wait,
Walking into my office I had been in my chair all of fifteen minutes,
And one of my co-workers, walked in, he is in his late fifties, a brilliant scientist,
With a sixteen year old son and a thirteen year old daughter, who lives with their mother,
His dilemma is that he is watching his son fail,
The boy is also brilliant, in advanced classes, but is beyond caring at this point in his life,
And the culprits are the parents,
Sorry, but I have to say it,
This boy has learned to play both ends against the middle,
He has a tough father with expectations in one house,
And a mother who needs approval from her children in the other,
As one who’s mind is always working, these kids know how to get what they want,
And who they can get it from,
All I could tell his is this, as parents, our responsibility is not to liked by our kids,
But to raise them, if we are doing our jobs at all, there are times when those children,
Will be unable to stand us, and we have to be strong enough to just say no,
No to video games, television, outside activities, allowances and all that stuff when they,
Are not handling up, I was a tough, loving mama,
And when the kids did not do their little bit, such as be respectful, take care of school work, and any assigned chores, they only received the basics, love, food, shelter…with no exceptions, they and many others found that to be tough,
And I often told parents, sure it is tough, tough on you!
Because to make kids do what they have to do, it is hard on parents as well,
We have to discipline, consistently and even when we get tired, we still have to parent,
There is no down time for parenting, until those kids are grown and on their on,
And parenting is certainly not a popularity contest or is it for punks or the faint of heart,
We must be in it to win it, most importantly for the children…
Trust me on this, they will be grateful one day, and you will too,
Because those who raise them while they are still children, have to opportunity to,
Live freely once they are grown!




shelia said...

I'm living proof that tough love works. My parents didn't always give me what I wanted, but even now as I look back I still was spoiled but during the growing up phase, I only remembered the times that they wouldn't let me do waht I wanted to do---which was usually stupid stuff that could affect me or my future---thank God for tough love.

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
I am grateful as well and most heartening is when my sons claim gratefulness...


JC Martin said...

Shoot you ain't never lied. My daughter right now hasn't had the privilege of her computer, ipod and her computer in almost 3 months.

When they tell me they are not my friend I say good because I'm not you're friend either, I'm your mother. So I don't care.

Angelia... said...

one day they will realize you are the best nonfriend they ever had...for real!


'Cilla said...

Angelia... you are always on time. Tomorrow is Man-child's 13th Birthday. And I want it to be special. I have asked 100 times "what would you like to do?" He says Nothing... I was going crazy until finally I said to heck with it. I'll wish him Happy Birthday and get him a cake and I plan to have a wonderful day with out the stress


Angelia... said...

That's the spirit,
next year he will tell you!