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Monday, November 3, 2008

Comparative Analysis...

One of the most detrimental things one can do, is spend their lives, comparing,
It to the lives of others, we were all made different, with different paths and different courses of action,
However, in all of this came another revelation,
I see people who spend all of their time with people who they can compare themselves,
Favorably too and always come out on top,
Case in point, folks who only befriend people who aren’t doing as well as they are,
In this situation they can always look at themselves from a position of doing better,Even if the only people being fooled are themselves,
The reverse can also be true,
Those who only can converse or engage with those they think are ‘all that’,
As if though some of what they have will jump off on them, or others will say,
So and so must be all that, he or she is with, whomever,
That must be exhausting to always have to compare oneself , while posing and pretending,
I am tired just writing about it,
Last night I looked into the face of a younger person, who has spent all of his twenties,
Running with a crowd, to whom he can feel superior,
And running from anyone and anything that will stretch him or make him do something,
I could see watery eyes as he dealt with the fact, maybe for the first time,
That the only thing that has ever stood in his way, was him…
And my prayer was that he also realized at that moment that silly comparisons,
Is wasted energy, that we all have a unique bag of tricks to bring to the table,
I know I have frustrated many when I have held on to the me in me,
Refusing to be anything other than what God made me,
I try to explain, simply, it is not you don’t have it going on, you do…
But I need to and want to have it going on for me…the way I am…period…
You do you, I do me and together we all can get there…
Nothing COMPARES to that!


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S.D. Denny said...

Interesting that when I think back to times where I compared myself to others whether it was regarding success or love, were my lowest times when I was most unhappy and unsatisfied with myself. Thank goodness for moments of discovery and revelation. Great post, Angelia!

Angelia... said...

Thanks S.D.
it is so self-defeating. But it is easy to do, takes all the work out of being your best self...a


shelia said...

It's good to compare when you're trying to find tips that will help you or push you to do better; but what happens when we compare, we tend to focus on the negative of "what we don't have" compared to the other person/group. This leads to depression, etc.

Somebody else's calling might not be yours---reminds me of yesterday's sunday school lesson. We all have gifts. Your gift may be different than mine but doesn't it make it any better.

Food for thought--We shouldn't covet someone else's gift because some gifts come with a price. A price we may be unwilling to pay.

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
You are right, and that was my point, when one is doing what they love and what feeds them, there isnt much time for comparison...surely we can see something that can help us do better, but when we start weighing it against this or that, it can be a setup for disappointment...there have been times when I have been told I was too full of myself, only because I had the confidence to choose my own way, do my own thing...


JC Martin said...

I'm probably guilty of this some point in my life, but I don't find myself doing that now. I'm at a point in my life where I am doing great even when I'm not. Because I am in control of the choices I make and my success depends on me.

I wish my daughter would listen when I tell her that all her choices reflect in her life at some point. It's yet another lesson she will learn the hard way.

Angelia... said...

as I have said before we get there when we get there...and don't worry too much about your daughter, peer pressure is a beast! Just constantly reinforce to her how smart and lovely she is...parental confidence is a miracle....