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Monday, November 24, 2008

More Conversation....

I am absolutely, unequivocally convinced that I have the most interesting conversations…bar none..
I remember years ago, I had a supervisor, who summed it up this way,
We were sitting in a managers meeting and someone asked, why is it that everyone talks to Angelia about issues, she is in charge of purchasing, not human resources, he laughed and said, this, ‘She has that weird look on her face, the one that says she gives a damn about what people feel, I never forgot that…
I had an interesting conversation on Thursday, one of my coworkers walked in my office,
And started chatting, he had been a bit grumpy since the election, so I left him alone,
We started talking about a laundry list of things and somehow we got on the subject of Christmas, he said the problem with Christmas celebrations nowadays, was it isn’t about America but about ethnicity…HUH?
I had to ask what that mean, at that moment I guess he remembered I was ethnic, so he mumbled something, I said, ‘Well every holiday is ethnic, as a Black person, I have my traditions as a White person you have yours and our brothers and sisters of other ‘ethnicities’ have theirs, what is more American than that? He had to tell me something!
He said, ‘Well it seems that we are so focused on ethnicity more than anything!’ Weak answer, so I said, the only problem I see with Christmas is how people have taken the Christ out of it…but surely America was based on ethnic differences, especially after everyone who wasn’t Native American started to come here…” He looked a bit embarrassed as he changed the subject. I totally understood his pain, but come on, get over it already…life my friends has gone on, and one thing I know is that we have to take whatever life offers and live with it…WE have been doing that forever and one thing we know for sure is that sometimes we have to flow with it…or be miserable…


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Jennifer C. said...

Poor man, he was putting his foot in his mouth.

Christmas isn't about the gifts and those types of things. It's about God and his love for his people, because it was on this day the man who would die for our sins was born.