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Friday, November 7, 2008

Think Like Me, Be Like Me...Please!

As those of you who venture to Ramblings know, I stay in a sense of perpetual fascination,
And as I watch people this week, I am even more fascinated,
There are a good many people, who when talking to me, in particular, those from different,
Races, ethnicities and belief systems,
Are trying to arrange their faces into some semblance of happiness about our new President,
I am not fooled and I don't need to be, we can do what we do, albeit different and still be,
As cool as popsicles from the freezer!
One of my good friends walked into my office, asking me was I happy about our President,
I said 'OH Yeah!"
It was apparent, she wasn't, because she didnt say another word about it,
But, you know what, we went on, talking about things that we mutually care about,
And she did what I would have done had the reverse been true,
She left it alone, being a mature adult,
However, there are way too many folks who are of the mindset,
'If you don't think like me, vote like me, wanna be like me,
Then how can we be friends or even get along,
Hello People,
God made us all different, with different mindsets, different belief systems, skin tones,
Values, desires, wishes and dreams,
But you know what, he also gave us the ability to coexist peacefully,
If we choose to,
I tell people that all the time,
There is not blueprint of what a person should be like if they are a certain race,
Ethnicity or gender....we need to get over ourselves...
I have had my own people comment on my style and choices,
About the simplest stuff,
The food I eat, how I speak, dress, own my own madness,
I have been told how I do it, isn't Black enough,
As if though, doing me, my way is associated with some,
Arbitrary sense of Blackness!
All you need to be for me and to me is this,
Spiritual, Loving, Honest and Kind...
That right there makes you my kind of people,
How you dress, eat, speak or any other superficial thing,
Simply makes you UNIQUELY YOU!



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shelia said...

Girl, I hate to say this but I'm thinking it -- now a lot of folks are feeling how we've felt for hundreds of years.

We've had to deal with being Black every day of our lives. We learned to adapt to "situations" and played the game in order to succeed. The game hasn't changed, but we're on our way to being on even playing field>

Yasmin said...

'But you know what, he also gave us the ability to coexist peacefully,'

Yep he sure did...and it's a beautiful thang...LOVE IT!

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
you know it. the times have changed!

Thanks Yas!


JC Martin said...

The more we try to be like others tends to force a part what could have been a beautiful friendship.

I like the fact that you are not me and I am not you and being different we can shed light on something and learn something from each other. Or we can simply agree to disagree while being great friends.

I love ya for ya and nothing else.

Angelia... said...

feelings are reciprocal...

Love Ya!

S.D. Denny said...

We have to accept that we're all different and know that it's what makes the world go 'round! Imagine if we were all the same - what a boring world it would be...

Angelia... said...

SD, I can't imagine if everyone were like me...Lawd! The world is not ready!!


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Ah, so true. For the past year or so I've been flooded with emails from my white Christian friends saying Obama was a type of antichrist who would destroy America. At the same time I was flooded with emails from my black friends who thought Obama was a savior. Not being one to get totally swept away by any great movement or by any great person or by any great herd mind, I have been known to annoy folks by actually being honest enough to state that I wasn't on their side. But where it matters most -- my friends-- there is always peace. Whatever the religion, whatever the politics, whatever the race. In those conversations I know I'm loved for me whoever I am and whatever I think.

The way I see it: the times have changed. A great milestone has been reached. Racists will still exist. And politicians, even the black ones, will always be politicians. At least, for the most part, this one will (hopefully) be on our side. Hopefully, he will care for the poor, the outcast, the homeless, the prisoners on death row. . . folks we black folks have traditionally cared for. Hopefully, he won't sell out his people.

Angelia... said...

Thank you Sister Carole,
my prayers are the same, however, most importantly, each person individually and personally will have to do their parts, make their man can do it alone.

bless you!

'Cilla said...

I agree with you Angelia... more importantly, the Obama's represent an educated, grounded African American Family. They did not change who or what they are. So much to comment on that it is wonderful.....

Thanks for you blog!!!

Angelia... said...

Thanks 'Cilla,

Love you!