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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of my greatest joys are the quiet hours I have with my husband, our kids are grown and gone, we have finally gotten to the point where we are so cool with that, we miss them, but it’s good…we are coupling…small meals, naps on the sofa, conversations, snuggling, small car trips, here and there, so nice, just us two…
We both have ministries, careers, friends and family, but there is nothing like our time…
Which brings me to the subject of coupling…
This past Sunday in church, our sermon was on two is better than one,
And that was in regards to fellowship moreso than marriage or relationships,
But, I, of course will talk about the relationship coupling,
In my opinion, everyone would love to be part of a couple,
Whether they are willing to admit it or not,
We have all heard, the, ‘I got my own and don’t need no one’ mantras,
However, we all know, that for the most part that is to convince oneself,
There is nothing better than being part of something that works,
Having someone’s back,
And knowing they have yours no matter what,
Someone who gets a cough drop, unwraps it and hands it to you,
Because they know your throat is dry,
Umm hmm,
When I was writing SCHAE’S STORY: A Woman’s Transformation,
That was on my mind,
Because Schae was the quintessential, ‘Do Your Own Thang’…kind of woman,
But at the middle of her life, she evaluated herself,
And finally admitted that there were things she needed,
Such as faith and self-respect,
But something she wanted,
Such as love, a partner, to be part of a couple,
To do for someone,
And to be done for,
There is nothing in that to apologize for or to pretend about,
It is natural, real and wonderful to want to be coupled,
Almost as wonderful as being coupled…


SCHAE’S STORY: A Woman’s Transformation @


shelia said...


Although I'm content on being single, there are times that I miss not having a man there in my corner. I've gotten to a point though that for the most part I'm happy so any man that comes into my life has to enhance it. If for whatever reason, he brings drama or anything negative, I don't deal with him because I know that I don't have to. It's really hard being single these days because so many men are playing games. You would think once they reached around my age, they wouldn't be, but they are. I'm still hopeful that one day I'll meet the man that's right for me. If my 80 year old cousin can have two boyfriends, I'm sure I'll be able to find one good one :)

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
Your eighty year old cousin makes everyone hopeful...good for her,
I have some elder divas in my life as well...and that is the key, to have someone you want to be with, who wants to be with you, without all the foolishness....


Lena said...

Thanks, I loved this and it explains why it's important for me to work at something, once you've found something that works because the rewards are immeasurable.

Angelia... said...

That's it Lena,
we all want coupling, it is natural and's work mind you, but so worth it...and the rewards are immeasurable once we realize and appreciate what we have and that it is not about anything other than the person and the heart!