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Friday, January 2, 2009

Illogical Thoughts

Sometimes I am amazed, flabbergasted and aghast at how illogical we sometimes think;
For instance I have seen people in restaurants who will not sip from a clean glass, too many germs...they insist on having a straw...
But these same people will leave the restaurant and engage in sexual activity without benefit of a condom...risking life threatening illnesses...HUH
I am so fascinated by these kinds of thought processes,
And have figured out it is why many people struggle,
And it is because the focus is on things that can be seen and not things that matter,
That is much like people who spend their last dime on hairdos,
And the refrigerator is empty,
Or who purchase brand new cars,
And have no health insurance...
Illogical thoughts that lead to disenfranchisement,
That is why we must teach our young people to be safe,
While we are telling our girls not to sit on toilet seats in public restrooms,
We had better also tell them to protect themselves from live germs that are passed by body fluids,
And when we tell them how to be beautiful,
We have to also teach them how to think beautiful,
And how to save and prepare for futures,
We must make them understand that what is in our heads is more important,
Than what is on our heads,
And we must tell our young men that they are as responsible for disease and pregnancy,
Prevention as young women are and that no means no,
Also that it is not manly to unemployed or to have a lot of kids with a lot of girls,
It is great to teach them surface things...
But we had better get them some logical knowledge as well,
Our futures depend on it...

Mama Deep ranting just a little bit at the beginning of the year!



Yasmin said...

We had better also tell them to protect themselves from live germs that are passed by body fluids,

So true...parenthood, mentoring young people some of the hardest but most rewarding jobs there are. God bless everyone who's an active participant.

Angelia... said...

Yas, it is hard work, but, it is so necessary!


MilesPerHour said...

As a counselor I find that so many people base their decision making on their emotions rather than their thoughts. This is where so many mistakes are made. Seeing this in action for so many many years has given me the opinion that irrational thoughts are actually based on emotions. I think this explains the illogical things some people do.

Angelia... said...

emotions dictates many things, my point more than anything however is that we have to teach to reach, many young people aren't hearing simple messages, such as protect yourself, therefore they aren't.