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Thursday, January 15, 2009

When We Know Better!

One of my many mantras, and you know I have many, is this;
‘When you know better, you do better…’
On the other hand if one chooses not to do better, even knowing better,
Then that is on them,
I recall several years ago, my son was about seventeen and he had done something,
That just didn’t make a bit of sense for him,
Often we forgot that he was as young as he was,
And when I was getting on his case, he looked me straight in my eye (he always did)
And said;
‘Mama, I didn’t know, now that I do, I won’t do it again…’
I still wanted to smack him up a bit, but, I couldn’t because he was right,
We can not do what is the right thing, unless we know it is the right thing,
Hello…that is why I try to leave people to what they do, unless they are a child,
Or they ask me, because I have to assume they don’t know any better,
Because if they did, they wouldn’t have done it,
Or, if they do and still choose to do…
Well, that’s on them,
Last night prior to church service, a friend and I were talking about the wonderful,
Upcoming happenings at our church, and I could see from her face, she was as thrilled,
As I was, we are a huge church in a challenged community,
And it is only right, that we do more,
And she made a poignant statement,
‘We thought we were doing right and enough, but now that we know we can do more!’
That is it in a nutshell, when we know better, we do better, it is all about growth, and the desire to do it once we know what to do!

Peace, Love and Blessings!
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Anonymous said...

Exactly! I still have to check myself when my kids say 'I didn't know.' So what's your church going to do now for the community? Sounds exciting whatever it is!


Angelia... said...

it sure is nice to hear from you, we are going to do a larger mentorship program and feeding programs and much, much more community outreach. An absoulute blessing! We are smack dab in the middle of one of the poorest neighborhoods and street ministry is so necessary...feel so blessed about it!


'Cilla said...

Hey Angelia... Man-child pulled me up a few weeks ago because I expected him to do something but I did not tell him prior to. I remember him saying "Mommy I know you said that you wanted me to do it but you never said when or that it had to be done now".. After I thought about it, I realized i could not expect him to be a mind reader. I should have known better... so lately I have been rethinking my directions to him and the manner I convey them to him.

Thanks for the wonderful Food for thought. :-)

Angelia... said...

Sister 'Cilla,
those kids will teach us, if we let 'em...


Dera Williams said...

True words. I guess my problem has been I assume someone knows better because they are of a certain age. for instance, and have been quick to make judgments. Like, parents that are selfish and their children are not a priority, only what they want to do. My pastor pointed out, that some of these parents have been on drugs and their thought process has been compromised that they are still thinking as a teenager. I don't know, it's hard.

JC Martin said...

So true are your words. We have to be willing to learn from all mistakes and errors; use it as a stepping stool to do better next time.

In my home because my son is ADHD, I have to have eye contact and relay the message in a way I am certain her will receive it. If I don't then he will not understand. It's something I have to teach his teachers when they are dealing with him. So because of that I pretty much use that technique all the time at home with everyone in the household. Outside of my house I always believe that people should know better. Guess not.

Angelia... said...

don't allow it to be hard, advise those who are willing and leave it to God for the rest. Anyone who is doing a thing over and over again has made a can't teach an old dog, new tricks and you can't teach an unwilling dog, nothing!


Angelia... said...

Sweet Jen,
should know and do know, live in different neighborhoods, if age made the difference, everyone over twenty-one would have it going on, it just ain't so...but we must keep HOPE alive...

Love you like my birthday!