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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Even Go There?

Something that absolutely bewilders me is when people take on something:
That has nothing to do with them…
They can do nothing about…
Needlessly exhausting…
Or something that is straight up,
Not their business….
I can’t figure it out to save my life,
Yesterday I had a couple of conversations with people who were agonizing,
Over someone else’s business…
Trying to figure it out,
I was thinking, ‘Baby if you focus on and solve your own stuff, you will surely have accomplished something…’
Also as I was floating around blog land,
There were all these posts about this or that,
I could actually feel the anxiety or angst waft off the page,
I hurried up and got on past that…whew…
There are those who probably find me too be to laid back or too,
But I will tell you I am concerned about much,
And those things that I can change or fix or assist in,
I will take those on…
However, when I know from the starting gate that there is not a thing a sister can do…
I don’t even sign up for the race,
I leave those things to the better qualified and more talented,
‘Cause I know what I can do,
And God knows I know what I can’t,
And I refuse to wrinkle my brow,
Or aggravate my digestion by taking it on…
But hey, that’s just me!

Love and Blessings!


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Here, here.... *clapping wildly* Here, here!

Great post, sis!


shelia said...


Your post is right on time. We could save our self a whole lot of stress if we just let folks handle their own business. You can still be the best friend or sister to the person without getting emotinally deep in the situation.

Angelia... said...

Lady G and Sistah Shelia,
You know I am right, it just don't make sense...and it is wasted energy...


JC Martin said...

You are so right. I learned early on in my 20s to mind my own business when it comes to other adult's problems. Their issues have nothing to do with me.

Angelia... said...

Umm Hmm!

mama deep

MilesPerHour said...

I could not agree more. Many people like the drama though. I think I am allergic to it so I try to stay far away. I know I have enough of my own stuff to deal with much less someone elses.

Angelia... said...

isn't that truth!


Dera Williams said...

A word to the wise is sufficient.