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Monday, February 9, 2009


Beauty, truly is in the beholder and we can always find it, if we are looking,
I have been accused of finding beauty where none exists, I don’t mind that accusation at all, because there is something beautiful in everyone, and in this case, I am not even going deep, but even something outwardly appealing,
Beautiful eyes,
Nice hands,
Lovely smile,
Wonderful hair,
Lovely fragrance,
So many things,
Once over twenty eight years ago, while living in Germany, I learned that about love and relationships and beauty…
I had a friend, who worked with me,
He was in the military and by any definition handsome,
His wife was in Oklahoma and he spoke of her with such love, he sounded besotted,
I was sure, stereotypically, she was beautiful to the eye,
How could she not be, like attracts like, right…
Anyway when I first saw her, I was startled,
She didn’t look anything like I envisioned,
Others with me glanced at each other, they were shocked,
However, by the end of the evening after talking to her,
I was as besotted as he,
Her heart and attitude were so lovely,
And I started to see her differently,
Her eyes were lovely and sparkly,
Her hands were quite lovely,
She had the fragrance of hot house flowers,
She was beautiful,
After we knew each other a bit better,
She teased me about how quickly I recovered when I saw her,
She told me she was used to it,
That all of her life, she had been told how unattractive she was,
So she had spent her whole life working on how she treated people,
And accentuating those physical things that she could,
I love that…
And it is something we could all learn from…

Love and Blessings!



'Cilla said...

I think the word "Beauty" should have a different definition. Outward appearance simply does not describe it's true meaning.

Wonderful message, Angelia!! :-)

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sister 'Cilla,


JC Martin said...

When you have a beautiful inside it doesn't matter what you outside look like. Because the beauty within overshadows the outside physical appearance.

I have a long standing saying. We all have something beautiful about us. People simply have to take the time to see it.

Angelia... said...

That is it Jen,
Beauty is in everyone...


MilesPerHour said...

It's the person inside that counts. Beauty can emanate from us. It is the aura that surrounds us. That is true beauty.

Dera Williams said...

I think we all have been guilty of misjudging based on looksmbut how easy we can be shown how shallow that is. I, too, look for the beauty in people.

bevg said...

...there is no beauty that we should desire him...isa 53:2...came to mind when i read this...but desire him, and relationships with beautiful people it do!!!

angelia said...

I am about to faint, my Girl, BevG is writing on my blog...

umm umm umm,
love u like cake,
Elton's cake