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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love reading, love it,
I adore writing, adore it,
And I have my rituals in how I do both,
To read, I simply need a book, magazine or several newspapers,
And no matter what is going on around me, I can lose myself in the pages of the book,
My ideal setting is my side of the sofa,
My man and I have our special sofa sides,
He is on the left side, with the desk next to him,
Where he keeps his stuff…
I am on the right side with a table I bought in Germany in 1980,
Next to it with a lamp, tons of books and magazines,
Tucked into that corner is my best reading spot,
Especially with my life partner there either watching news or dozing,
Writing is something I can also do almost anywhere,
Once I start tapping on the keys, I am in the zone,
But the ideal place is my office at home,
That room is totally me,
Filled with books, pictures of my loved ones,
A ton of music and the covers of all my books on the wall,
Scarves thrown over chairs,
It is so Angelia,
Once in there with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning,
Or a cup of green tea at midday,
Or if I’m really feeling grownup,
Red wine is in order,
I’m telling you it is sublime,
That is why I am so grateful that I waited until this point in my life to write,
I am long past the competitiveness and ambitions of my twenties and thirties,
And the exhaustion of my forties,
So now I can simply go into the zone and do my thing,
Lately I have been reading a lot,
I have written four books in fourteen months,
Three of which are out there and one ready to go whenever I decide to do it,
Feels good, to just chill, reading a good book,
Tucked in my corner of the sofa…
I love reading, writing and rituals…


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JC Martin said...

You painted a picture of peacefulness. Oh how I long for the day. I have a good 14 years to go; my baby will be 18 by then. I will be one year short of a big birthday.

Enjoy it.

Angelia... said...

That is it Sweet Jen,
Peace, that is why we hung in there placing God first and our marriage next and we worked through it day by day, to get to this blessed place...that is how God meant it to will be there...

Love You!
mama deep

'Cilla said...

I can read anywhere.. I have even mastered reading as I walk from the subway to my office building. (That's only if the book has attached itself to my hands and I can't put it down). I also love my green tea in the evenings as I read.. for sexy romances, wine will add spice.. I never really thought of the things I do or need around me when I read... Hmmmm ..

Enjoy your Day Angelia :-)

Angelia... said...

See 'Cilla,
I got you thinking, today is a good day, after working half day, I plan to work on one of my many projects, I am proofwriting a manuscript for one of my clients...
mama got work to do!


Linda Moses said...

Growing older is a wonderful blessing. When we have the blessings of good health, wisdom and knowledge, allowing ourselves to feel and relive the dynamism, no hold bar on life; carefree and childlike behavior; we begin to see, feel, taste and enjoy the things that mean the most to us. We know to take the time out for ME. We know to do for Me. We know it is alright to be selfish at times. We don't mind claiming and reclaiming our space. We can say; yes this is mine and don't care who don't like it- we earned it. We know how to go into our, "closet" and come out when we want to deal with the world. I am rambling on...but I hope someone can relate. Angelia you said it--- "Peace that is why we hung in there...." Enjoy life while you have it

Dera Williams said...

And so it is.