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Monday, March 16, 2009


Something I really appreciate, is everyone’s unique sense of style,
Note I didn’t say fashion, I said style, though fashion can be a part of it,
I love people watching and am attracted to the way people carry themselves,
And style is part of that,
A hat that sits just so on one’s head,
A shade of lipstick that only works on that person,
Or a tie that is really different worn with a very conservative suit,
Or simply the way a person looks at another person,
Cool stuff…
I certainly have my own eclectic sense of style,
I know what works for my five foot ten inch frame of the abundant behind,
I love dresses, scarves, sweaters…mixing and mingling them to suit my temperament,
I remember years ago when I came to my office,
The idea that I word dresses 99 percent of the time did not appeal to the females in my office,
The first person asked, how many dresses I owned,
I answered, ‘A lot’…
A second one wanted to know why I wore dresses,
I answered, ‘Cause I like them…’
When the third asked, I knew it was time to nip this in the bud, so I said,
“Look, I love dresses, I buy dresses, I wear dresses and please tell everyone that I am going to continue to wear dresses…I have no say in what you wear, and would appreciate your quiet about my wear…”
That ended that,
Every now and then someone will comment on my attire,
But usually not, nowadays, I am simply Angelia, in her abundance of dresses!
However, a few weeks ago we got a new employee,
Immediately I thought, ‘She sure has her own sense of style…cool”
A nice bohemian, dressy, colorful style…
Well last week I noticed she had changed her look,
Curious I asked why and she told me that people were commenting about her making
them look bad by her being so dressy, etc.
I had to giggle, saying,
“Oh I heard that ten years ago…girl, do your thing!”
A couple days I noticed she was back to her own style…
The way I see it, is what makes us unique is our differences,
Be it ethnicity, religion or style,
And unless we are breaking dress codes or doing something inappropriate,
Who are we to define someone else’s sense of style?
That sure is taking on a lot…




Anonymous said...

I recall people saying a woman or man should dress their age. I use to be self conscious about how I dress because I didn't know how to dress my age when I turned 30. I was still a size 5 to 7 and the clothing in the women section was what my grandmother would wear. There are some styles I won't wear although I still may look good in it. I prefer the mature lady look in casual and business wear. I don't want to be mistaken for a teenager. I am a lady. Do you think there is a dress code for age appropriateness?

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I think there is, I have a friend who would comment on the fact that I wore hose, as a thirty-something that bothered her, I explained that I like hose, it pulls together the look I am going for and it is just a part of dressing for me. However, in summer, I wear dresses with flat sandals, therefore, no hose...I try to dress age appropriate, no short skirts, or underwear showing, I never ever wear sleeveless to work without a shawl or coverup, it is easy to mature up an outfit with an sweater or jacket...I know what you mean,I would never want to wear something appropriate for a teenager...MORE MAGAZINE has the best styles for women over forty...they are nice, stylish and very cute...


Dera Williams said...

People who are always asking someone why you are dressed up or why you where this or that are voicing their insecurities about their own style. If you asked them why they are always so casual or why they always look slouchy or don't you have anything to wear besides faded jeans, then they would be insulted. Just do your thing.

Dera Williams said...

Linda, I agree with Angelia on the hose and styles. Everybody can't and shouldn't wear everything. I know some people don't agree; they say age ain't nothing but a number. But even though I am in my 50s, I don't want to look matronly, so while I don't dress "old", I dress in my style and if it is a young look, it is appropriately accessorized and balanced.