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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Long Weekends...

For the past few weeks I have been energy-less,
When I got back from visiting my kids, I was like a house on fire,
Painting, redecorating, moving and shaking,
But now I am just tired, needed to rejuventate...
So I am on a four day weekend,
My plan today is to pitter around the house, read a bit,
I am thinking about getting a haircut,
And maybe buy myself a new dress,
But beyond that, major chilling,
Tomorrow is Good Friday,
And I have my physical,
I think it is a good day for that,
Today I am on a twenty-four hour fast,
That should help a bit,
Then this weekend my man and I are going to hit the road,
Visit our peeps,
See what is up down south a bit,
I also plan to read two or three books,
I started reading, The Long Fall by Walter Mosley last night,
So far, so good...
Next up is Life is Short but Wide by J California Cooper,
After that who knows...I am just chilling...


Love Peace BLESSINGS...


JC Martin said...

Mama Deep, I have nothing planned at all. Today is the last day of my Written Communication class and I'm thrilled. Fancy title of adult English.

I am going to read and do some laundry and hang low. That means be still and listen to the Lord speak to my heart.

Angelia... said...

that is what I am talking about...
sounds grand!


'Cilla said...

Hey Angelia... I love long weekends but I never do all that I plan to do. I still have not found a hat for Easter Sunday :-(
I want to see an ADULT movie this weekend, and read. but I need to open up and clean the house. One thing I've planned and that is to drive way cross town, rather the state, to Meet Niambi.. I am really excited about that

Have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

Angelia... said...

Do as much as you can, the rest can wait...