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Monday, April 13, 2009


I am always fascinated by what people are proud of,
Mostly it amuses me, sometimes it flabbergasts me,
One of them is when I hear a woman say I can get any man I want,
I always want to say, ‘Get him to do what?’
Almost any woman with feminine parts can get a man,For real,
But get him to be faithful, marry you, take care the babies…what?
Cause if you got it going on like that, please share it with the masses who haven’t figured it out, I am so sure they will be grateful,
Okay, moving on,
Another rule of fascination are people who proudly say,
‘I don’t watch television…’
They are a superior lot,
They say at is if watching television is akin to selling one’s wares on street corners,
There are many wonderful shows on television, including the news,
I always giggle when people come in soaking wet because in they missed the weather report,
Too funny…
And the final one for today are those who say,
‘I don’t read…’
There are actually people who write books who say this,
I am always really amazed by this,
Because I want to ask, ‘How do you know things?’
What do you talk about?
How do you encourage the kiddies to learn?
The best way to learn about the world,
In my limited opinion is by the written word,
We can learn what is going on around us and abroad by reading the newspaper,
Or about current events by checking out a weekly magazine,
Or better prepare ourselves educationally or for employment,
By reading books and or papers,
And we can certainly escape from the everydayness of everyday,
By reading something fun, or entertaining…
But maybe I simply haven’t a clue…
What do you think?



Yasmin said...

Agree with you on all fronts....!

Angelia... said...

I tell you, people are a curious lot...


Poetic Genesis said...

The one that surprises me the most is the I-don't-read thing. I always ask "are you serious?" I still doesn't make sense to


Angelia... said...

I have learned more from reading than any classroom I have ever been in...I just don't understand it...sighing :)


'Cilla said...

Most that say "I can get any man I want" are still single... Hmmmmm
And for those that don't read... well you have to read directions for practicall everything. Hmmmm .... there is no method to the madness...

Linda Moses said...

Greetings everyone; I find it interesting when folks say, "My child would never get pregnant...she is too smart... her grades is this and she is into that...” then when their child gets pregnant they are caught with their mouths wide open. I won't go into the excuses they give for the pregnancy. I have heard a father say openly that he was proud of raising, "goons", meaning gangster, referring to his sons. He is proud that they will be like him? I am not talking about a man like Frank Williams, who was a wealthy gangster in his day. So what is the point? It is wonderful that we take pride in our children and we should. We do the best we can and raise them with values, morals and give them the tools they need to have a good start in life, but we also have to remember that they are individuals and we can’t always prevent them from falling, but we can attempt to be there when they land. Do you think by the things we say and do sometimes we curse our children unintentionally?

Angelia... said...

Yes Linda,
sometimes I think we do...

Thanks 'Cilla,