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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When we have to ask, ‘What is in it for me…’
Might be a good time to not do a thing,
Blessings come in spite of us,
Not because of us,
I can remember years ago,
Someone saying how they were going to be blessed,
Because of all they had done for someone,
I didn’t say a word,
But I knew that blessings don’t usually work that way,
If you are moved to do something for someone,
Or assist in some way,
The real blessing is that you are in a position to do it…
Because you could easily be in the position of needing it done,
I can recall a situation that I was in where every time,
I had to do a certain thing, I felt put upon,
My heart wasn’t in it and I was doing it because I felt,
I was supposed to and there were people in my ear,
Reinforcing that notion,
One day I decided to remove myself from the situation,
It was difficult but right,
Because I knew I was doing a disservice to myself and the person,
I had become resentful and felt manipulated,
And I knew the person deserved better,
So I sat down with them, explaining my position and my feelings,
I was surprised when they told me I had hung in longer than they expected,
I would love to say that it didn’t alter our relationship,
It did, but that was okay and necessary,
What I got from it was that sometimes we have to know when to move on,
Or remove ourselves because if we spend anytime at all thinking about how we might be blessed by it, we might be blocking our blessings and those of someone else….

Love and Peace,


shelia said...

You're right about that--if you're doing it from the heart--don't do it. A few months ago my niece had $2 given to her by her dad to put in church. She asked me if she had to put it all in church. I told her I would prefer if she did because that's why her dad gave her the money...but then I thought about it and told her to put what her heart wanted her to put. She put $1. She said her heart told her $1 and told her to keep the other $1. I couldn't get on her for not putting the other $1 on the table--because the same principles applies to kids too. If we give grudgingly we won't be blessed. It has to come from the heart.

shelia said...

correction--if you're NOT doing it from the heart--don't do it.

Angelia... said...

that was a great lesson for your niece...interesting that she asked first...


Dera Williams said...

Wonderful post. Love it. Words of wisdom. It's a blessing to be a blessing.