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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workin' It...

Work is well, work…
I have had a plethora of jobs all over the world,
Some I loved, some that were quite trying…
But one thing I always understood, was that work was work,
When at Job Corps, I worked hard,
As a counselor the work never ended, there was always a new kid with a new issue,
And some mornings I woke up, tired as a junkyard dog,
But I couldn’t wait to get there,
But I knew it was work,
Years earlier, I had managed a small bookstore,
And that was pure fun,
I made sure books were ordered and booksellers worked,
But mostly I read books and talked about them with the customers,
Had never read Eugenia Price, but since I was in a community filled with retirees,
I got on board, it was fun, but it was work…
What I have discovered is that when people get work confused,
It makes for strange bedfellows, umm cubicle fellows,
When people start treating their jobs,
Like it is their living rooms,
It can only lead to problems,
Because the work starts to mingle with the personal,
And the two become so entwined it confuses,
And when one falls apart it affects the other,
Most importantly if affects those around you,
I have seen it over and over,
People get all buddy-buddy,
And things are glorious,
They stand in one anther’s door,
Take lunch together,
Tell all,
And then one day…
They aren’t talking,
To each other,
And in many cases they start to talk about each other,
And the intent of why they are there…
To work,
To get a job done,
Is lost in the fray…
So, if I’m saying anything in this ramble that is of any use,
It is this,
Work is work,
And personal is personal,
And it is never good to get the two confused…
But hey, that’s just me…




Yasmin said...

Whereever I've worked I've always made friends...and to this day some of my closest friends are folks that I've worked with. I think it depends on the individual and maybe even the maturity level of some folks...actually a couple of my former bosses are friends that I still stay in touch with on a regular basis...even tho' we live in different cities...and in recent years we've even gone on vacations together. However, I must admit that I didn't really become friends with my bosses until after we had a non-reporting situation. In person, I'm a very friendly and humorous individual and many folks have told me that it's easy to befriend me...hence probably why some of my friends have come out of the workplace. Also, honestly I spend more time with some of these folks than I do family members, so it helps to have someone that I feel comfortable being myself around and knowing that we have each others backs.

Yasmin said...

PS I agree the two should never be confused...and maybe theirin lies the key. ;)

Angelia... said...

Yas,if it works, it's cool, I have two people at my job who are do are die friends...and two is enough and there are people I have worked with who I befriended, but I am careful about who I confide in and in getting business and personal confused...and I find there is a world of difference between being friendly and being a friend...friendly helps you get through a day...friends help you maneuver through life...


shelia said...

People have to know how to seperate the two. Business is business and sometimes folks take it personal when you're in business mode and they are in the mood to play. A true friend will understand and not hold it against you--after all business is business.

Angelia... said...

That is it Sister Shelia!


Yasmin said...

Agree...but once again I believe it comes back to maturity and professionalism...there are certain things that my friends and I do away from the workplace that we don't do in the I will add that many of us are we rock AKA first (which I must admit has some great leadership training components) and all else falls into place...:) We like having fun, we enjoy each others company and yeah we've had our disagreements might not have spoken to each other for a moment...but we quickly got past this because we consider each other family and sisters and none of us are going away for long. Plus all of us are too much of a diva to act like a fool in the workplace.

Yasmin said...

PS--the individuals I'm talking about are friends...all of them know where the dead bodies. ;) Folks I'm friendly with don't know ALL of my business...these folks know all and then some...but it works both ways.

Dera Williams said...

I have seen the good and the bad in mixing business and personal. I am cautious but have made a few good friends through work.