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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick,
I can sit for hours, people watching,
I suppose that is why I am never bored in airports,
A layover simply gives me time to read and watch people,
And while watching people I make up stories,
Because something that really fascinates me is what attracts people to other people,
And I know it is more than how they look…
I recall when I was a young girl,
I was sitting at the doctor’s office with my mom,
It was right before school and very busy,
Everyone was getting inoculations,
And in walked this couple,
The woman was about six feet tall, and had on heels,
Very shapely and fragrant with perfume...
She was wearing a shiny, tight, blue dress, think it was satin,
And she was nineteen-fifties glamorous,
Red lips, shiny, wavy hair,
The man who was holding her hand was about seven inches shorter than her,
Dressed in a mechanics shirt and had a fringe of hair on his head,
But they were hand in hand with their child and she looked as proud to hold his hand as he was to hold hers…I couldn’t stop looking at them,
My mind racing, wondering…
My mom’s sharp elbow made me stop staring…
But here I am over forty years later and still remember it,
I never forget a thing, I guess that is where my characters come from,
Observations from years past that I write about, with my own twists…

Last night my man and I talked about what attracts people,
Being a man, he immediately said, ‘Looks…at least initially…’
So I asked, ‘What if they don’t look well…you know…’
We went back and forth on that one,
He then said, ‘Well that speaks to the wonder of God, because that means there is someone for everyone…’ He is so cute…my spiritual man…
We never really got anywhere,
Which is never our intent,
We simply love talking about stuff that has no answers,
And I know it is more fun,
At least for me...
To speculate about what attracts people,
And what keeps them attracted,
Because then I can sit down weeks, months or years later,
And incorporate them in a story,
Coming up with my own reasons….

PURCHASE SCHAE’S STORY: A Woman’s Transformation


Panamama said...

Its funny Malik said the same thing to me...he said of course when he first saw me he was attracted by my looks because he didn't know who I was inside, later I asked him what happenes when my looks start to change as I get older, he said, "I'm not with you for your looks it goes deeper than that." I now see he gets that from his father lol. I used to think that you had to be pretty to be loved/wanted but he helped me realize that its more than that.I admit looks used to be the most important thing to me it didn't matter how they acted or treated me, but I came to realize it really is what's inside the person that counts. I pray Amira learns that early on..(Of course her dad always tells her she will never have a boyfriend EVER lol) if she's anything like Malik it won't be an issue lol on looks

Angelia... said...

Hey Sweetie,
looks are like dust, doesnt take much to blow them away...the gist of our conversation though was that if not looks then what attracts...what makes someone just go up to someone they don't find visually appealing and make a connection...btw Malik is more like his dad than a bit...that's a good thing...Kiss my baby...


JC Martin said...

It might be the aura that a person has. Animals are attracted to each others scents, humans can be the same way. Some birds and insects are attracted by sounds.

Humans are a complex bunch. It may be the possibilities we see in that person's glow that attracts us to want to know more about them. To be around them on a different level.

Hopes that makes sense.

Angelia... said...

Tell it Jen...yeah scent is a, well it is very attractive....