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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There is not much that scares me,
Honestly, I am not saying that to be braggy or cocky,
It’s the truth,
My mom raised her girls to be pretty fearless,
She would often tell us, ‘What don’t kill you will make you stronger…’
She also taught us honesty and how to stand on our own two…
She often said, ‘Every woman should work, or be able to…’
For those things I’m grateful,
Because it allowed me to venture out,
Take chances,
Stretch my wings and fly,
I have finally found the things that scares me,
Make my mouth dry and my heart race,
And this is a person who will….
Whew that it something to be scared of,
You all know what I mean,
They will stand in your face, straight up lying, and never flinch or bat an eye,
Or will kiss you on the mouth,
While picking your pocket,
Or create such drama around them,
That while you find what they are doing or saying,
You find yourself believing what they are saying,
Because they can out act,
Meryl Streep…
Once I know that,
I stay out of their way,
Feed them with the proverbial long-handled spoon,
While at the same time wondering,
Why and How…
Why go out like that,
And how did they become that way,
Because you know that some serious…@#$%
Had to happen to create that….
Maybe that is the title for a short story,
I am trying to come up with,
The Great Manipulators and The People They Scare…



Anonymous said...

It takes two to one gets more blame or responsbility of there actions then the other. If you're wrong, you are wrong and that's just the way that it is. It really can't get no simpler than that. Yeah I am quite sure that Ted Bundy's parent put him thru some you say.$@# to create that monster, yes his parents are responsible for the deaths of all those innocent women....NOT. Our society has had enough of the blame game. Individuals are responsible for there actions...not the world.

Angelia... said...

I am sure that nothing I said here indicated we should blame the world for anything...or even parents I never said that...what I said is THAT I WONDER WHY AND HOW people become that way...mostly as a student of psychology and as a writer, I alway want to know the whys and wheretofores...and you are right each person is responsible for real...


Ms. Seely said...

I have been reading your blog a long time and hardly ever comment, but this morning I felt I had to...I know exactly what you mean...I also read the commments of anonymous and it seems you struck a nerve..thanks for being honest and making us think...

Angelia... said...

Ms Seely,
thanks and that is all I do...when I first started blogging, there were things I wouldn't say, places I would not go. But based on what people would say, sometimes all that works is the truth. And it works both ways, people have called me out about some things I have written and I have learned valuable lessons. I must be honest and say that I knew this morning when I wrote this, there would be people it would touch negatively and that they would respond.

JC Martin said...

When the shoe fits, wear it like a second layer of skin.

Deep writing/thinking/talking will put people on the defense. This blog is so on point to bring out that which many people hide from. The truth will only set a person free who is willing to acknowledge that what's being said, even though not directly to them, is absolutely about them. The first step to correcting this is to own up to it and do the necessary to change it.

I'm afraid of certain animals and death, but nothing else. I don't pretend to be someone I am not to get some thing I don't deserve. If I'm not willing to be tied to lies and deceits because I'm not willing to work for what I want.

ps. I love the cover of Mrs. Black. And the title of the short maybe on point.

Love ya, Mama. And tell them like it is.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Babe,
and you know I will...and the truth is that while we are all responsible for our doings...there are many things that contribute to our psyche and our soul that contributes to our actions...there were many things that I went through that I had to shake off in order to become whole...I am still working on it every day...and I stand by my observation and questions...I will never stop wondering why and how...


Yasmin said...

Hmmm...I guess I missed something because for the life of me I'm still trying to figure out what Ted Bundy has to do with this post. Read the post a second time and still don't make the connection. LOL. I guess I don't have enough drama in my life to be skurred of a thang or a person and for that I'm thankful. ;)

Angelia... said...


Ted Bundy was totally irrelevant to this blog...I think anonymous was trying to make an extreme point...something I said hit too close to something...but that is a blogger's life...Also you don't have to have drama in your life, just run into a couple of drama-filled people...and they will bring it...:)


Dera Williams said...

I hear you. Those kind of people scare me also and I give them a wide berth.

Angelia... said...

this morning when I was driving to work it reminded me of the first time I saw something like that, I was probably seven or eight and I saw my friend's sister bite herself... I mean bite herself until she broke the skin...I thought it weird but went on playing...the next day my friend had whelps all over her legs...I asked her why and she told me her sister had told her mom that she had bit her and her mom beat her...I was astonished...that little girl grew up to be something else...went from a child to a woman who would do anything to get her way...until her manipulations took her to prison...for life...