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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change…I am claiming that, I have feminine resilience, oh yes I do…
Many women do, the women in my life before me certainly had it,
And thanks be to God, they passed it on,
A friend recently told me,
That she is astonished at how easily I move on,
When something has occurred or the world has turned upside down,
We were actually talking about a shift in leadership at our church,
I told her simply,
I only want the Word as it is written,
I don’t care who is bringing it, so long as he is bringing it,
We have to move on, move forward,
A couple of years ago,
One of my sons was robbed,
Someone broke in his place and robbed him at gunpoint,
Lo and behold it turned out to be someone he knew,
Really well,
But after fear and anger subsided,
I was just glad and grateful,
That he was alive,
And then I prayed for and forgave the young man,
Who had sat at my table,
Because what I knew for sure,
Is that I could allow anger and fear to consume me,
But I made the decision to forgive,
And move on,
As did my son,
He even visited the young man in jail,
Because he had to forgive in order to move on,
There was someone in our life who thought we should stay mad forever,
But we knew better because
To not recover from a thing,
Or to be so bound by it,
That you carry it around in your heart and mind everyday,
Is a soul destroyer,
And body killer,
And what being resilient does,
Is acknowledges the fact that you have a right to be mad, hurt, sad, or scared,
But to know that at the end of the day,
In order to move on, live, be free,
We have to bounce back,
It is much like when your skin is ashy,
If you scrub off that dead skin,
Then ladle on the cocoa butter,
It is amazing how that skin will plump back up,
Ready to face another day,
You know I’m right!




JC Martin said...

It takes too much out of your life to keep being mad with anyone. While you're shortening your life span the person you're angry with is living their life as they see fit.I let things and people go rather staying angry. I prefer to live the years God has given me how I want; Happy and carefree.

Angelia... said...

YUH! Mama Deep

shelia said...

"I only want the Word as it is written, I don’t care who is bringing it, so long as he is bringing it..."

Exactly. I don't even have to like the person personally. If he is delivering the Word from the Lord, that's all that matters to me.

Angelia... said...

I feel the same way, people fall in love with a pastor inside of with the word of God...they betta know...

Be Blessed!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog daily and I'm always pleased however this one touched me deeply and is my confirmation on forgiving the man that I've been loving for over a year whom I have a 3mth old son with! He took it upon himself to choke me nearly to death and although I will no longer have a relationship with him I don't have the heart to keep his son from him, He has to deal with the courts to do so.Now I realize I'm on the right track with forgiving him and moving on! Thank you and god bless!

Angelia... said...

No,thank you because the whole point of me doing this is to reach someone with what I have gone through, the tone of my message is changing and I will reveal more of myself as I work to minister in my very small way...forgiving is for the victim, and a man does need to see his children, you take care of yourself and stay faithful...forgivness is freedom...

angelia said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that story. A real object l