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Friday, July 31, 2009


The other day I was cleaning out my closets,

And I must confess, I was a bit shame...

I had bags and bags and bags of clothes...

Mind you some were old,


I also had lots of shoes,

My church was doing a Soles for Souls drive,

So I was going to donate the shoes,

But still,

It made me realize how blessed I am, but it also made me realize,

How we got in the economic crisis,

We buy way to much $#@&...

I work hard, I pay my tithes, I have investments,

I help those in need and some in want,

But I think of how much more I could do and how much,

I could save if I didnt have so much STUFF...

This morning I was reminded of it again,

I walked outside to water the plants and drop mail in the box,

And looking around my hood (sic)

I noticed that almost every driveway had three cars,

At least two,

The people across the street have three cars and motorcyle,

Only two of 'em,

Now dont think for one minute that I am saying that those of us,

Who work hard should not have what we want,

No No No,

But what I am saying and I am saying it just for me,

I would be just as happy and live just as well,

With a fraction of the stuff I have,

So, dont think for one minute,

That I am going to change all this in a day,

But I am going to try,

To do better,


I need to empty one of these bookshelves in my office,

Clay county jail needs,

Books for Inmates...




Phe said...

I feel you on this one! When I was laid off from my last job I had extra time on my hands to de-clutter my apartment. That was a real wake up call. I found stuff I bought just to buy it - and never used it. Have not gone back to my old ways ever since.

Angelia... said...

Good for you baby girl, and you are the perfect example of how to do it on what you have...I am proud of that in you...that is why you are one of my children by heart...dont work to hard today and dont let em get to you!


JC Martin said...

My one weakness in shoppong, which I don't like doing, is books. I have tons of books, but since I've started reviewing books that I get for free my buying habit has tone down a significant amount. Mostly I buy to gift someone with words. We're always looking for ways to cut back here in my house. I hope others are looking and trying also because the times of today is really hard.

Angelia... said...

Sweet Jen,
I think everyone is looking now that they have to...but sometimes we have to cut back even when we dont have to...more to give...


'Cilla said...

I have never been one to spend for the shake of it but I do over indulge in Books... since the beginning of the year I'll admit I've only bought 5 books. All others were gifts for freebies. I also renewed my library card (though I have yet to take out one book).... I often look at the things folk have to have as opposed to what they need and wonder.. Hmmmmm

Great post Angelia!!

Angelia... said...

Sister 'Cilla,
we be spending, I am so guilty of it....but I am going to do better, in August I plan to only buy things I need!


Dera Williams said...

Trying to purge is hard when we keep adding more to take up the room made. It takes time. The eye is ever wanting.