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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of the things that seem to hold some people back most,
Is not wanting to put in work,
Or wait for anything…
We live in a microwave, twitter in seconds universe and if it doesn’t happen,
With a quickness…we are inclined to move on,
But one of the things we have to learn is that we sometimes have to take baby steps,
Move slowly, allow things to build,
I recall being a geometry student in Ms. Clark’s class and having her write in my yearbook these very words…
‘Small steps can take you big places…’
For some reason I never forgot those words from when I was fourteen,
Almost, yikes!
Forty years ago…they resonated with me,
I always recall when my husband was in the military,
I would start a new career and reinvent myself every three years or so,
And just about when I would get near the top,
It would be time to move,
I will not lie and say that at times it was not frustrating,
But I knew what I had signed on for and that my marriage and life,
Was worth more than careers or money,
I learned to think of it as just adding to my knowledge and skill base,
When we moved back to Florida ten years ago…
I immediately saw the fruit of my labors,
I was hired in a job that I wasn’t really qualified to do,

In fact I received a letter to that effect the day after I was hired!
But the little bits and pieces I had learned and the people I had met along the way,
Provided enough to get in there,
After that I showed and proved and I was rewarded,
Over and over again…
And ended up in the same place as many who had toiled away in the same job for decades,
That is how God works,
And it is also how sticking with something,
Learning to work hard before the party,
And being willing to start over and reinvent one’s self as required,
God knows there were times when I wanted to do it all faster,
But he also knew that the best rewards often come to those who are willing to wait…




'Cilla said...

More Food for Thought... I tell Man-child all the time "YOu have to crawl before you walk" and you will still get there with the same success

Angelia... said...

I am telling you Sister 'Cilla,
it works, but young folks aren't cultured to be patient....we just have to sprinkle prayer over them like holy water...

BE Blessed!


Yasmin said...

Get out of here...they hired you but then told you the next day you were not qualified? So why weren't you qualified...what skill set did you need to cultivate and why did they hire you if you weren't qualified. Curious minds want to know (and I'm always fascinated when I learn something new about an individual.)

Angelia... said...

prior to coming here I was Job Corps Counselor, when I told my Regional Director about the job I now have he told me to fill out a resume and give to the same time I filled out an app and didnt even lie about having the biological background, though I had the finance and the letter was mailed saying I wasnt qualified, however, my RD was working behind the scenes in my behalf from OK to FL so by the time the letter got to me, I was enroute from OK and the FL Super had already hired me....the letter is something I keep framed!

A real blessing!

Dera Williams said...

Great post and interesting story. You just never know the paths people have taken that get them where they are. I asked the public information officer where she got her training because she is excellent at her job and she said she had no formal communications classes but by being an international airline attendant, she interacted with so many different people and speaks other languages.
I like to think that my experiences over the years have some value

Angelia... said...

it is interesting because I was taking a pay cut to take that job...irony of ironies...but that as been made up for many times over...a true blessing...