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Friday, July 17, 2009


Words are so powerful,
What you say and how you say it can determine the course of your life,
I see a lot of words, randomly tossed about,
Without thought,
Particularly in this age of instant messages,
And the like,
We just have to make sure that the words we say are the ones,
We want to be defined by,
As a writer,
This is particularly important and critical,
I recall after I had written my first book,
I was considering a rewrite,
Had been told it was necessary,
Told my first book read too literary...
Well after I read the suggested changes,
I halted the process,
Though I had paid,
Because I knew those words were not ones I wanted as,
Representative of my work...
It was a hard and expensive lesson,
But 0ne I value,
That is why I tell the young people in my life,
Be careful of the words you put out there,
And make sure they taste sweet on the tongue,
Because you might have to eat them...



JC Martin said...

I so agree. That's why I love my editor. She knows how I speak and write, so she never change my words to sound like someone else. I'm very careful of the things I say, because I know I can never take them back.

shelia said...

Amen. Once you say something--it's out there. There's no taking it back. Sometimes "I'm sorry" isn't enough to erase the pain words can cause. Words tend to linger long after the "I'm sorry" has been said.

Angelia... said...

Thanks my Write or Die Chicks...have a wonderful weekend!


tea said...

Hi Angelia,

You have won The Friendship award. Please come by my blog and pick it up,

Just leave a note that you have taken it. Then, I can cross out your name.