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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Something I find inordinately exhausting is drama, especially drama for drama’s sake,
Even when writing, no matter how many issues my characters may have,
And some have a bushel,
I try to make sure that the drama isn’t just for the sake of drama,
I have encountered a bit of it,
And I am here to tell you,
It is tiresome,
However, I will say that people probably don’t even know they are creating mess,
So here are some clues…
If things don’t go your way and you find yourself telling everyone who will listen,
Until someone agrees with you,
If you stretch the truth to fit your own needs,
If you always feel you gotta tell someone off, right then,
Without taking any time to think about what you are going to say,
Or if it even needs to be said,
If you think your way is the only way,
And can’t hear anyone else,
If you have to talk all the time,
When everyone else is quiet and trying to chill,
Or you can’t stand silence,
Or you are always seeking approval from people and will do anything to get it,
What we all have to learn to do is deal with our own stuff,
And allow others to deal with theirs,
While praying fervently,
Then allowing God to work it out,
Otherwise you will find yourself alienating people,
And running people away,
Cause as quiet as it’s kept,
There is really something to be said,





Anonymous said...

I know what you mean I had to learn that lately. I have someone that I love dearly and respect but OMG look up Drama and there pic need to be there. I was warn by a wise one(wink) long ago but sometimes you have to learn for yourself. I really wish they could read your post and realize that what they do.....all day is DRAMA. Just pray for peace......because thats whats missing. Love you

Angelia... said...

Sister, Sister,
I KNOW what you mean, I was never good at it and the older I get, the less I can tolerate...I put on my ignoring button when I have had enough and go to a quiet place...shhhh!


Shelia said...

If I hear from one of my friends, I already know they are calling about drama. When their life is drama-free, I never EVER hear from them. When I was going through my own issues, I had to stop answering their calls so I could deal with my own stuff.

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
what gets me is they act like they the only ones with problems or can be sick as a dog and they still trying to HOLLA about mess...have mercy on them and us!


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Gotta say drama stresses me out. It's not so much that I hate it...just that I get so worried for people and their sorrows that drama leaves me useless and emotionally drained, worrying for folks. -C

Dera Williams said...

Preach! I'm going to send this blog to a few people. LOL