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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Say it Ain't So...

Ever since I started writing,
I have been very generous with my books,
I handed out so many that on some I simply broke even,
But that was all good,
People were reading my work,
With Mrs. Black,
I made a decision to sell some books,
I am absolutely giving books to,
Those who are shouting out my work, and there are so many to whom I am grateful,
Those I choose to gift,
But come on people,
This is a business, my business,
And it is how I am able to do the next book,
By selling this one,
I am so not getting brand new,
It ain't even about that,
And you know it...
It is just simply that I pay for the books to be printed,
Shipped to my door...
So cut me a break...
And don't tell my neighbor, talk to me!



Unknown said...

Quite appropriate, and I share your frustration. People react the same way to some of the things I draw--glad to get drawings for free, reluctant to purchase them. Still all in all the joy of contacting people soul to soul via art is priceless, yet at the same time an author has to eat! Stereotype "starving artist" is no fabrication!

'Cilla said...

Always show your appreciation by supporting the artist/author. That is the Highest compliment you can make.. :-)