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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few minutes ago, I was sitting at my desk, exhaling,
After being back at work for two days, I have been working,
Catching up after having the best vacation of my life,
And in terms of my book, Mrs. Black? things have been so awesome,
Amazon sales the best ever of any book I have written,
Preorders doing well,
Several book release parties lined up,
Amazing reviews in the hopper,
An unsolicited radio interview,
Phe knocked on my office door,
She had a funny look on her face and she asked,
“Are you Okay?”
Smiling, I told her yes,
She then said,
“But you haven’t blogged in a while,”
I told her of course I did,
I blogged two days ago,
Her funny look told me,
I wasn’t supposed to miss a day,
My heart surged at that,
Made me know I was saying something,
To someone,
So I want to Thank God for giving me whatever little bit I have to say,
And teaching me how to say it,
And I want to Thank all who are supporting me,
And showing me love,
God knows I appreciate it,
And I want you to know too!

I will be back with something witty tomorrow!




'Cilla said...

Angelia.. I know how she feels. If I miss one of your blogs I feel empty. You always remind or teach me something in a new LIGHT!! :-)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks 'Cilla,
words can not express how much that means to me right this minute...YOU are blessing me by saying tht, for real....


Shelia said...

Angelia, you know we have to get our daily dose of medicine every day. :)

Jennifer C. said...

You can't go into hiding without telling someone. You have spoiled us badly. You only get off on the weekend as we are accustomed to that.

If you want to cheat a little, write a few in advance and schedule them daily that way we can continue basked in your words even when life gets busy or you simply don't feel like it.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

My sisters, my sisters, I am so grateful for all of you...for real, for real...


Anonymous said...

Thanks I needed that. I also missed you yesterday but I figured a sister was still on know you look like Big Red in that Hat. Love You

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I do look like may mommy in that hat, guess that makes me Big Brown...he he

Dera Williams said...

Congratulations on all the good things happenng to you. Great news about the new book. I guess you will have to do like Jennifer says and write blogs ahead of time.