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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This past week I have had to thank my ancestors over and over again,
One thing they shored us up with is how to take care of things,
That is things from raising our children to handling our finances,
When my oldest child was born,
I was immediately in Germany,
But through thirty dollar phone calls,
And letters weekly from my mama,
I knew just what to do, and I didn’t question any of it,
Because I knew that Dr. Spock and Dr. nobody else, knew more about taking care of their business than the women in my life,
I thought some of it old-fashioned and kind of hokey,
But I am glad I listened,
Now my aunt taught me about my money,
She told me to always pay my bills on time,
And to pay for whatever I could without building up a lot of debt,
She made me feel as though my credit rating was as important as my reputation,
Thank God!
And my godmother,
Told me the female things,
My mama didn’t want to,
Stuff like keep a man happy,
Without compromising your own integrity stuff…
Umm hmm and I sure am grateful to her,
So young ladies when we try to tell you something,
You might want to listen and heed,
It will save you a lot of stuff later on,
But it is surely a choice…

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S.D. Denny said...

There is nothing like sitting and talking to an older woman! I remember when I was pregnant with my first child...Grandma and I used to sit outside and eat watermelon and cornbread while I listened to her tell me all about life...I miss her and I treatsure those moments and her wise words!

Shelia said...

Older women know more than we thought. I wished I would have listened to EVERYTHING they said. It would have saved me from a lot of heartache and pain.

So younguns, take it from this older woman; heed what is said so you won't have to travel the same road.

Angelia... said...

My sisters, they better listen, I am telling you...


Idrissa said...

Recently, I was chatting and chewing with one of my adult nieces who is almost 30 with two boyz, 5 and 8. She was having man trouble and I was the designated listner that Saturday morning.

Midways into her venting, she said to me; "Auntie, I remember what you told me about . . . "

I didn't hear much after those words....because she I was having one of my "child, you made me proud" moments.

Yes; she was listening all those years when I tried to prepare she and her sisters and cousins for life in the real world.

I had taken those life lessons from my Mama and Aunties and now they were still coming alive, in this third generation.

Now Sistah Deep, you know I was delighted. Thanks for the memory. I smiled as I read your ramblings this morning.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sister Idrissa,
as quiet as it's kept we are more than a bunch of older ladies...we been through some thangs and know some stuff...


Anonymous said...

Girl say that....young people we have made those mistakes so when we speak its because you don't have to.....unless you want the pain. I remember my moment when it all sunk in about 3am in DC and I called my mom just to say thanks.

Angelia... said...

I am telling you we messed up cause we wanted to, not cause no one told us...


Dera Williams said...

Thank God for our ancestors. Nothing like mother wit.