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Thursday, October 22, 2009


The question I am most frequently asked when I write books is do I know the people I write about, my answer is of course, I created them…hello…
And then…
They ask me, ‘Are you Cinnamon?’
A bit trickier,
They start running the parallels,
Tall, brown, curly hair, sassy mouth,
Former counselor, writer, oh Lord,
It must be you,
Well it ain’t,
And it is,
I don’t have two men,
That I am juggling and navigating,
And most of what has happened to Cinnamon hasn’t happened to me,
But here I will confess,
In many ways,
I am Cinnamon and Cinnamon is me,
We love hard…
When we love you, there is very little you can do,
That we can’t forgive,
How-sen-ever, (I created that word)
When you cross THAT line,
Or do that thing,
That we have told you repeatedly not to do,
We are done,
We won’t stop loving you,
But we will stop fooling up with you,
We also love the children in our communities,
We will fight to the death to defend those who can’t defend themselves,
Mess with a child and you have messed the ‘hell’ up…
For real,
And we also define our own strength,
We will not allow anyone to define our femininity,
We know that we can be lovely and strong,
That we can be powerful and kind,
We can love and support our men,
But not take any….off or from them,
Mostly because we know who we are and what we want,
And we listen first to our hearts and spirits,
And then determine what we are going to do,
And though we may not do it as you would have us to do it,
We will do it as it was meant for us to do it,
So there you have it…
Oh yeah, we both love chocolate, cute shoes, books,
Dancing, and the occasional glass of wine,
So double there…


MRS. BLACK? @ all the other books with Cinnamon @ key word MENCHAN


JC Martin said...

For authors/writers I believe we pour a little of ourselves in one of our main characters and live a little risky through another in that same story. But I understand. I had 2 people ask me if I was a character out of my recently finished manuscript. It's funny they chose the same person. In a way she an I were one and the same, yet very different. I used to wonder was Cinnamon you and for a time I even envisioned you as I read. But I know better now.

Angelia... said...

Hey Jen,
Yes we do...and I own the parts of her that is me, what Cinnamon is more than anything is a vehicle for me to say in a fictional way, how I see the world, relationships, etc. She has in many ways become a form of my ministry...because while I cannot condone her activities...her weakness, and humanity is what makes her a role model of sorts, she messed up big, but finally and is always finding away to redeem goal is to write about women with all our flaws, strengths and beauty...


Anonymous said...

You go sister..........I see a lot of people in Cinnamon and it makes me smile because not just Cinnamon but all the characters we know, love or have met one or all of them sometime in our life. So to read about them is awesome. Sometimes writers say the things we wish we could say(and do).(he,he)Val

Angelia... said...

FOR REAL...that is why I write...