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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am a self-defined ‘Hard-Headed Woman’…
Now by no means does that mean I can’t take direction,
Or am obstinate and will do my own thing even if I know it is wrong,
My mama, Ms. Ora Lee, taught me that a hard head makes a soft behind,
Actually aging past forty made my behind soft, but that’s another story for another day,
What I mean is that I am determined and never allow naysayers to tell me what I can’t do,
I know that if it is God’s will and I work hard I can do it,
I recall back in the day,
When chaos reigned supreme around me as a teenager,
I navigated life with the knowledge that I was smart and savvy and that no set of circumstances would stand in my way…
Then as a very young woman when I decided to get married and was told that statistically we didn’t stand a chance,
I turned a deaf ear and for over thirty one years have worked on my marital business,
While raising my sons and getting myself educated and climbing this ladder or that,
That is what hard-headed women like me do,
We focus on what is real and handle our business,
And we allow those around us to say whatever they damn well please,
We are too busy…
When I published my first book almost four years ago,
I was told by some,
My work was too narrative,
By others that I could not write about women over forty being sexy,
Sheesh; they had to be kidding,
We don’t really have it going on until we are forty,
But that too is another story for another day,
What I did as a hard-headed woman is continued to write my stories,
Own my own madness,
Seek and find those people who were interested in what I wrote about,
And tossed the rest over my shoulder like so much salt,
Because you know what,
Hard-headed women,
Know when to listen,
What to listen to,
And to whom to listen,
But they mostly know that while others are sleep,
The must grind and grind they must,
Cause there is work to be done….



shelia said...

Thanks to all the hard-headed women out there. If we listened to the naysayers nothing would get done. We would still be wishing upon a star instead of taking action.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

And that Sister Shelia, be's da truth...


Unknown said...

Raising my hand and giggling...
Yes; I am a hard-headed woman.

My Beloved just made that remark to me last night and he had a smile on his face when he said it! LOL

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Hee, Hee..Sister I,
hard headed women always have a smiling beloved...


Dera Williams said...

Being hard-headed can be a good thing.