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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I know you see my title, ‘Self-Love’,
And is probably wondering,
Lord, what is Angel going to say….
Well, I am going to pontificate,
Just a bit about love of self,
I love me…
I do, I do, I do…
And feel that everyone should,
And am astonished that folks take issue with those who love ourselves,
Because self love to me,
Being in touch with my spirit,
Taking care of myself body and soul,
Not allowing anyone to treat me any old kind of way,
And taking the time to rejuvenate,
If that is conceit and arrogance,
I confess…
The other day I was sitting across the desk,
From someone who I work with,
We are friendly and was once ‘friends’,
However, over the past couple of years we have worked well together,
And coexisted peacefully,
But no more girl-talk or sharing,
And I always knew why,
But finally she admitted it,
Yes, she did,
She said it…
She admitted that because she didn’t love herself,
She was unable to stand being around someone who loved herself as much as I did,
She couldn’t understand why a woman older than her,
Could be happy with who she was,
My heart fluttered at that,
Because I loved her growth,
I love her…actually,
But I had to remove myself,
Because self love involves not allowing anyone to rain on your parade,
Or bring you to down to a level,
With which they are comfortable,
No, No, No…
She explained a bit of why she was that way,
And I got it,
Because we allow other folks to play a number on us,
Making us feel we aren’t beautiful enough,
Smart enough or Good enough,
And to that I have always said,
No Way, No How…
I am good enough just as good made me,
And though I may not think like him,
Or look like her,
I am me and me is just fine with ME…




Jennifer C. said...

I have a friend who needs these words. Too bad it isn't a greeting card, because I would giver one for every occasion for a year. I get tired trying to tell her about self love, so some days I pull away because I don't know what else to say.

Yesterday I told my husband and children I love myself more than I love anyone else. Because in order for me to properly care for any of them I have to put self first.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Hey Babe,
please dont mention greeting cards, 'cause you know as soon as someone menchans! something I start thinking about doing...but on the real...I know from whence you speak...that is much like when you are on an airplane...and you are told to mask up first, you cant protect or love anyone without first protecting and loving self...cause that is who you spend the most time with...