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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Something that has always been a puzzle to me is this,
My first inkling of this was with my family,
Someone related to me was dating a guy, who was well,
Okay, he got around,
Well lo and behold, he got around with someone I knew,
Heck, it was bound to happen,
Well the family member thought I should stop knowing the person,
Come on…okay, that passed, after all we were teenagers,
But here I am now,
With my AARP card,
And there are still people,
Who really want monolithicism (word?)
There are people who will actually say,
“Oh girl, you like that or her, or it?”
Surely, it can’t be because you don’t like it and you want me not to…
Come on people, surely not?
Or the case where you are sitting down to have a meal with someone and you order something they don’t eat,
The go, ‘Harumph, harrumph…’
After taking a big bite, I look up,
Then they ask, honest to God,
“Are you going to eat that…?”
I am chewing furiously, but really unsure what to say…
Wondering if the fact that I ordered it, put it in my mouth, chewing furiously and planning to pay for it didn’t clue ‘em in…
Check this out,
‘If you don’t like hummus, asparagus, kimchi, or any of the other weird stuff, (according to whom) that I loves, don’t eat it….
And guess what I will still love you and want to break bread with you…
You know why,
Because to be my friend,
All I gotta do is like you,
You can like people I don’t dig,
You can eat buffalo burgers or some other such,
You can date whoever you want to,
Praise in your own way,
Read comic books or any such thing,
Cause if I likes you, I likes you,
And the one thing you don’t need to be is a carbon copy of me,
For us to coexist and roll like that,
Because diversity is a beautiful thing,
You do you,
I do me,
We hang out,
And all is well with our INDIVIDUAL worlds,
How ‘bout that,
Cool, no?


Mrs. Black @


Shelia said...

Cool beans :)

That's what makes life interesting--having a diverse set of friends. It gives us more to talk about and learn about :)

Angelia... said...

Exactly Shelia,

someone who I truly loved asked me the other day what I did, I told them what and that it was fun and they actually said it couldn't have been as much fun as they had doing something else...I was shocked, astonished and flabbergasted, did I say shocked....I kid u not...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it shouldn't matter the size you are,the color you maybe or the length of hair, shape of nails etc. thats what makes life interesting....could you image baking a cake if all the ingredients were the same? Who wants to be around someone just like them would be dull because you already know the outcome(smile). Love Ya

Angelia... said...

Ya know!

Dera Williams said...

In the words of Sly Stone, "Different strokes for different folks.: