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Monday, November 16, 2009


I spent a bit of time this morning thinking about more of the sayings of my elders as I crossed the bridge coming into work,
This time the saying was ‘Follow your first mind…’
I can recall them saying that so often, and as a precocious youngster,
I would often think, ‘We only have a first mind…”
But trust me, I never articulated that to them,
Disrespect was not tolerated by those women,
I had another instance this weekend when I should have followed my first mind,
About two years ago I was asked to participate in something,
And I was pretty excited,
However, once I did it, I left thinking,
“I will never deal with this again…”
And I meant it,
A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to participate again,
I hesitated a bit,
My first mind was yelling at me…
But, I decided to do it anyway…
As soon as I got there, I knew I should have stuck to my convictions,
It wasn’t a bad thing,
No one did me wrong,
But my first mind and now my gut,
Told me,
This is not for you,
It was of no benefit to you then,
And is of no benefit to you now,
Of course the title of one of my books rang in my head,
Is NO Not Clear Enough For You!?
Of course it was,
But as I am wont to do every now and again,
Is do it, go against my first mind,
Hoping and praying that I was wrong, wrong, wrong…
But ~sighing~
Per usual, my first mind was my best mind,
Maybe I will listen next time!



Anonymous said...

Yes so many times I wish I would have listen to my first mind....even when we know better we still sometime want things to have changed so badly but that first mind always you sis

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

umm hmmm~ Love YOU!