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Monday, November 23, 2009


Sometimes things have to be smashed at me for me to get it,
Guess that is due to my constant state of busyness~
Or maybe oblivion~
Last week I was boxing up books to give to the library,
And there were a good number of books that I had read,
But really wasn’t interested in keeping,
Main reason was because they were smaller paper backs and I tend not to keep those,
But a big reason was because they were books that I purchased of authors I didn’t know,
Some I enjoyed immensely,
Others not so much,
But in my fervent desire to support new authors,
Or ‘authors’ I know,
I buy a lot of books~
I have found some jewels and new writers whose books I have and will purchase again,
I have also bought some that well~ you know,
But my thought process is that had I not given it a shot,
I would never have known of these writers and I am glad I did~
No big deal,
Then last weekend I was at a Book club anniversary,
There were three of us, local authors and immediately I got in line,
To purchase the book of one author,
The other author didn’t have any books with her,
But I purchased on line,
It didn’t occur to me that neither author had purchased my book,
Until it was brought to my attention,
Because others did,
Then I thought, ‘Wow’~
That is kind of how it works with me,
I miss things like that, but when it is brought to my attention,
I feel it~
I didn’t like feeling that way,
Because I am truly of the mindset that it is better to give than to receive,
But at the same time~
As a human being and a writer,
Which is something else altogether,
It stung just a bit~
But I got over it and went on with my life,
Because what I know for sure is this,
Is that nothing will stop me from supporting those who are trying,
Or even those who are already there and struggling to stay,
But what I do know is that all of these emails and posts would not be going around,
About please support this author or that author,
If we all chose to support each other~
What a concept~




Gwyneth Bolton said...

What a concept, indeed!

I try to support authors and not even let the question of reciprocity get into my head. Because nine times out of ten, there is none. I buy their books because I love to read and I love to support other authors. But when you realize that folks aren't doing the same it does sting... Like you I just let it pass and keep it moving...

Angelia... said...

Lady G~
it is really funny when you think about I saw so many missives lately about please support me and I know that many of those folks are not supporting other authors~


LaConnie said...

You hit the bull's eye with this post!!

I guess it's no different than other aspects of life. Usually, it's about Well, what about the other fellow??

Things will never chnage until we realize that it's our charge to support others because if we don't, who will??