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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am always tickled by the fact that parents think they should be able to determine how their progeny will turn out…
Now, there are some basics that will assure they will be pretty good,
Love them, nurture them, encourage them, discipline them, treat them like little individuals,
And usually they will be fine, overall…
If you honestly think you can turn them into little figures of you, or Martin Luther King,
Sorry dears, it does not work like that,
Much of who we become is based on our OWN experiences,
It used to tickle me silly after I got married and we would travel back to our hometown,
After being in Europe or Kansas or some such,
And my husband would do something that was so different than his family members,
Say, eat shitake mushrooms or kimchee…
Egads, eyes would roll and I would get some peripheral glances,
As if though I had initiated him into some secret eating society,
And then I would hear the infamous words,
“Where did he get that FROM?”
I would internally laugh, because I knew the general consensus was that I had taught him some illicit new activities….
I did of course but it had nothing to do with mushrooms…
Moving on!
Just the other day I was talking to a young man who was convinced,
That his toddlers was going to turn out just as he wanted, like him, no less,
I smiled at that and silently sent up prayer hoping they would be a tad different,
But I knew that one day, he was going to say,
‘Where did they get that from…”
And I hope he remembers what I told him,
“They get much from us, but many, many things they get comes from living, where they choose to socialize and oh my goodness from within their own little individual souls….”
Who grow up to be big people, with discerning tastes,
Individual outlooks and quirky personalities,
That as much as they are like ours,
They are blessedly different,
And I for one AM GLAD ABOUT IT…



'Cilla said...

From the beginning I have prayed to raise a God-Fearing, loving, Respectable young man. It has been a struggle. through it all, I've recognized that he is who he is ...

Angelia... said...

Sister 'Cilla~
that is amazing progress~some parents worry themselves into an early grave trying to make kids be who they want them to be~