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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


2009 has been a most interesting year,
There have been ups and downs, but thanks be to God the downs have been few,
And I have learned from them...
So many things righted themselves,
My relationship with my man grew ever stronger,
I learned to let go of my sons and let them fall and pick themselves up,I became a grandmother, I love you Princess~
My sister and I are where we should be,
I became closer to my friends,
And I learned to allow those in who can enhance me,
As well as challenge me,
And leave those alone who bring trouble...
God is So AWESOME~
All I want to say is
Thank you Jesus,

angelia vernon menchan


Shelia said...

Angelia, Merry Christmas to you. I see you're starting a new blog. Will this blog still be open or should I replace the bookmark with the new blog site?

bevg said...

Thanks for making this year bearable in many, many, ways! Love you...enjoy the bounty of the Lord's gifts!

Love Bev G

'Cilla said...

Sistah Angelia... your friendship has enhanced me and your blogs have taught and strengthen me. Thank you for Being YOU!!

Dera Williams said...

You can't ask for more. To learn, love and accept and go forward. Thanks for all your wisdom and wit.