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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In 373 days I am going to publish, Angelia-Woman/Child,
Yes, that is correct, on January 19, 2011,
I am writing a book about my life from ages 12-18,
Those years were some of the toughest years imaginable,
But they are also the years that made me,
They could have broken me, but through GRACE,
And whatever this that God gave me,
I made it through,
I never meant to do this,
I wrote nine books in the last four years,
And there were characters who looked and talked like me,
Cinnamon Brown,
A character who in many, many ways was the young me,
Malaaka Green for Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
And women who I want to one day be,
Cinnamon’s Auntie Sara Dubois,
But they were all ‘Fictionalized Truths’
But yesterday during a conversation a light went off in my head,
And I knew it was time to reveal ME,
So that some young girl somewhere can see the possibilities,
Because so many think they know,
They see how I am now,
And what little bit I have accomplished,
And the assumption is,
Oh honey,
Some have even had the audacity to say it to my face,
I am here to tell you,
That aint so,
Not by a long shot,
And if I am going to do this thing,
That God has decided I can do,
Then it is time to Bring It,
The Realness,
For Real!

Love and Blessings,
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JC Martin said...

I can't wait to share this book with the teens in my life that think they know. They don't even have a clue.

Angelia... said...

They sure dont!


'Cilla said...

I love the picture :-) Like Jennifer, I can't wait to read the book

Angelia... said...

Thanks 'Cilla,
this is one of the most frightening, liberating things I have ever done!


Shelia G said...

Now that's "keeping it real" :) Tell the truth and it'll help somebody. Your truths always do.

Linda Moses said...

When you are able to face yourself then and only then you are truly ready to walk in your divine destiny.
I will help spread the word about your book.

Dera Williams said...

Yaaay! This is also your heritage and for your family and grandaughter. I have been writing a collection of my childhood stories and I decided in November that I was going to go ahead publish this year for those reasons. Hopefully will get the local newspaper to run a few.