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Monday, January 11, 2010


I am a work in progress,
I didn’t say a piece of work,
Hee, though some might…
Anyway, all jokes aside,
There is always something about me that needs fixing,
Or refixing and for the most part no one has to tell me my mess,
One of the things I am working hardest on right now,
Is not trying to fix things,
I became a fixer early on,
There were adults in my life that were living upside down,
So by age twelve,
I was darn good at smoothing out the edges of my life,
And running interference,
Made me GROWN early,
But thankfully it made me cautious and responsible,
Thanks be to God for that,
It also made me feel responsible for everything and everybody,
It took me years to realize not just intellectually,
But actually,
That my husband and only him was responsible for him,
And when I did learn to relax and let him be,
Oh what a relief it was,
For both of us,
At work I have had to learn to delegate,
A couple years ago I was short-staffed,
Instead of saying anything I worked like an aging Diva on speed,
Got a raise, bonuses and was as tired as a junkyard dog,
So tired that after several months I walked in my supervisors office and imploded,
Heck maybe I exploded,
I will not say the words here that I said there,
I will say that I have prayed about it and been forgiven,
Now my work is with my grown children and my grandbaby,
For the former I have to realize that I love them,
And support them but OWE them nothing,
And that their expectations are about them and not about me,
I also have to accept that I am done raising children,
And that I am a grandmother,
To love, cherish and spoil a little bit that Princessa of mine,
But to leave her to her parents to raise,
The same way I was allowed to do,
So, all of my PRAYER WARRIORS,
Keep your sister covered on this one,
Cause I am bound to fall short a time or two,
I know ME~



Shelia G said...

"But support them and OWE them nothing"

If you feel like giving them a dose of healthy advice, so be it; but as adults, they are now responsible for the choices they make. If they make the wrong choice, the buck stops with them not you. If you don't do something they want you to do, or say what they want to hear--oh well. You might have to remind them--you're grown and I'm grown. :)

Angelia said...

Thanks Sister Sheila,
that has been one of my hardest lessons, I come from and family and so does my husband who give their all~ and many times it has been detrimental to all~ I am on my way~


'Cilla said...

This hit me where it hurts... but I learned a lot last year when my brother and his family moved in.

I am the oldest and (Thank God) most responsible of my sibblings. As the oldest, I was always left in charge to care after. I learned that I no longer responsible for other peoples "NONSENSE and SHYYTTT".. Hince, they moved back to Texas :-) I can love them from FAR AWAY and I have a peice of mind

Thanks Angelia..

Angelia said...

Glad I could help Sister 'Cilla,

We take on way more than we can do sometimes and then feel bad because of it, I have praying for deliverance on it~


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and really poetic. Stephanie Davis Smith National Web Editor of

Anonymous said...

What insight to start a New Year. I am still working on me. I believe our work stops when we stop breathing. I've learned you spoil grandchildren "alot". Prayer sure can change any thing and anyone.
Love ya,

Angelia said...

Ms Ann,
I am constantly working, working, praying, praying, PRAYING~